Month: March 2016

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    7 Ways to Love Your Liver

    Spring is imminent, which means some liver loving is in order. Here in the Southwestern portion of the U.S., trees all over are bursting with flowers right now, and in my garden, I am seeing emerging signs of life. In order to support new growth, I’ve been clearing out old growth from last season and…

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  • If you have adrenal fatigue, this is your body & Spirit's way of calling you back to your

    Do You Have Adrenal Dysfunction?

    Last week I talked about adrenal dysfunction, and I showed you my own Stage 3 adrenal dysfunction (Update: I personally no longer use the term, “Adrenal Fatigue”, and have replaced it with “Adrenal Dysfunction”) test results. Now I’m going to expand on how adrenal dysfunction develops, the signs and symptoms and in general, how to…

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