• Sacred Cacao Elecstatic Dance Experience

    I Am SO honored and excited to be a part of the upcoming Elecstatic Dance Experience, here in my home city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, on August 31st, from 7 pm to 10 pm, at The Unity Studio. ♥️ I L O V E holding space for transformative, expansive, and freeing experiences. ♥️ I AM…

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  • What the Forest Taught Me

    It’s been a beautiful, magical Summer for me, and I hope you have deeply enjoyed yours!   I was blessed to travel a lot and to travel abroad (Bali!), but the most powerful experiences for me this Summer were my experiences in the forest, practically in my own back yard. My very first trip of…

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  • What’s Safer: Flu Vax or Flu?

    To Flu Vax or Not to Flu Vax? That is the question I often around get this time of year, when the flu vaccine campaigns start to fire up. While I never tell anyone what to do and respect everyone’s truth, I am happy to discuss it, and if this is a question that’s been…

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