• What the World Needs Now…

      I am SO excited about “Transforming Gut Health & Your Whole Self”, a LIVE 2-hour workshop that I’m teaching in Albuquerque, NM, on March 31st, at the University of New Mexico’s Center for Life. Info and registration can be found HERE.  I firmly believe that the world needs more people who can lovingly and skillfully hold…

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  • Transforming Gut Health & Your Whole Self

    Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the New Mexico Wellness Symposium. I spoke on healing Hashimoto’s (autoimmune hypothyroidism–the #1 cause of all hypothyroidism) with a root cause Functional Medicine approach. I also sat on the Gut Health Panel. My topic for the Gut Health Panel was, “Reframing Stress to Rebalnace the Gut-Brain Axis.” I want…

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  • body learning device

    Your Body is a Learning Device

    Hello! I hope you have had a great Summer so far. I’ve been taking life in, working with clients, finishing my certification as a Profound Wellbeing Practitioner & Transformative Coach, taking a gut health masterclass, and otherwise, being a mom. I’ve been soaking up a lot of wisdom and doing a lot reflecting; and at…

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