Angie offers a unique approach. Through a thorough and comprehensive diagnostic process, we developed a treatment plan that worked in collaboration with my health care team. Using diet modifications, supplementation, individualized protocols, education and mentoring, Angie has taught me a new way of caring for myself.

What really sets Angie apart is her dual role as a Registered Dietitian and Transformative Coach. Perhaps one of the key aspects of treating chronic conditions is to address the underlying behaviors, patterns, and beliefs surrounding them. Angie has skillfully guided me through this process allowing me to realign with what truly sustains, motivates, and energizes me.

I first sought out Angie’s services because I was getting chronically sick and wasn’t able to “bounce back” the way I was used to. I was exhausted all the time and having a hard time finding answers. I really felt like I was losing my sense of self along with my well being.

The comparison to where I was a year ago is remarkable. I’m not getting sick all the time, my energy is back, my GI symptoms have significantly improved, my skin is clearing up, my hair has stopped falling out. I’m much happier to not be constantly acting from a place of fear.
I call Angie my “spiritual chiropractor” she always has a way of bringing me back into alignment, and that feels amazing. Her support is unwavering and her guidance is genuine. The process can be a roller coaster, but I am grateful to have Angie by my side.
Overall, I find  the experience to be….
Empowering! Like anything requiring change, it can be challenging but it is also a journey of great exploration.
I attribute getting my energy back in large to the Transformative Coaching. It is incredible the physiological effects thoughts have on our body. Through learning to let go of what is not serving me, and realign with my true intentions, I have found a limitless source of energy that has revitalized all aspects of my life.
The way you learn to care for your entire being (body, mind, spirit) is an investment that will hold countless benefits for years to come. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
My symptoms have been demystified. I am now able to better interpret what my body needs and what causes harm, and with that knowledge I am able to make better choices.
Deepest gratitude, thank you Angie!
Leah, Speech Language Pathologist, Albuquerque, NM

Other Satisfied Clients

“I approached Angie because I was having some severe lower GI issues that were unable to be resolved by several doctors. I was looking for a more natural approach to my health and wellness. Angie helped me to discover several causes of my issues, both medical and stress related! She also helped me see how a different diet could help me on this journey. I now feel that I have a better handle on stress and how to manage it. I have not had near the GI issues that I did prior to starting this program and it continues to get better! I loved how personalized everything felt. I felt as if I was Angie’s only client, and her attentiveness to my needs and the details of my issues was very obvious! Overall, I found the experience to be uplifting. It was worth every penny to find out the causes for my issues! I highly recommend working with Angie if you are struggling to see results or struggling to find answers!” M.O., Massage Therapist, Corrales, NM

“Before I started working with Angie, my body was a wreck. My stomach hurt on a daily basis, I had numerous aches and pains, I had concentration issues, and my moods were unpredictable. I felt like my life was falling apart, and what I didn’t realize initially was that it was all connected to how I was eating. Angie was compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable. She helped me figure out my trigger foods and provided me with an eating plan to help my body recover from years of abuse. She supported me with encouraging emails and was always willing to give me ideas on recipes and substitutions for foods that my body couldn’t tolerate. I learned how to balance my meals and ultimately feel better while getting all of the necessary nutrients. I’ve lost weight, gained energy, and feel great now! My mood swings have improved, and I feel capable of getting through the day every day. Angie is a joy to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to live life to the fullest.
Thank you, Angie!”
– Melanie, Teacher, Albuquerque, NM

“I approached Angie because I was diagnosed with early signs of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I suffered from digestive issues, yeast infections, headaches, severe mental fog, occasional depression, heartburn after every single meal, hair loss, and lethargy. After quickly being brushed away by my doctor with a simple “you’ll be fine, just take this medication for the rest of your life” comment, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. After much research on thyroid issues I came to the conclusion that I had leaky gut… Angie helped me by working with me on a weekly basis to uncover my nutritional needs. By eliminating certain foods and products from my life, and taking the proper supplements and oils, I started to feel better. We took it a step further because we discovered I had more issues that had never even crossed my mind. The result was I started to feel better and lighter and I felt like I gained my life and happiness back. Symptoms that I had learned to live with for years started disappearing such as PMS, headaches, and heartburn. These were issues I thought were normal, but after working with Angie I started to feel differently. One thing I liked was the fact that she took the time and energy to focus on me and my personal health needs. I never got that from my doctors even after insisting they explain my diagnosis. I found the experience to be life changing. I wake up feeling amazing and ready to start my day. I no longer rely on coffee to keep me awake throughout my day, I forgot what heartburn felt like, my periods sneak up on me because I experience no PMS symptoms, and my digestive issues are nonexistent. I’ve let go of foods and products that have been affecting me for years only to discover a new me. I used to be a slave to food. Now I have control of my own body and I’m loving it. As an added bonus I lost 12 pounds in the process without trying. I would recommend Angie to those who wake up every day and feel like there is no hope to regain their health. Thank you so much, Angie!!” – L.E., Student and Collections Agent Albuquerque, NM

I approached Angie because I was looking for a comprehensive approach to healing, which isn’t offered anywhere else that I know of! I’ve been to numerous doctors (32 to be exact) and they tend to address one piece of the puzzle but miss some of the most important aspects of healing.

Angie helps me by Truly SEEING me and where I am in that moment. I have had the physical piece of my healing down for a while now (thanks for that, too, Angie) but the emotional/spiritual piece has been difficult for me to address. I got to do it all with Angie, and I saw huge leaps in my wellbeing and in a short period of time too.

I now feel lighter, and I feel at home in my body! Even though I continue to physically struggle sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m fighting myself anymore. Physically my pain has been reduced, and my GI issues are finally dissipating after years of struggles. I’m able to do so much more, with enough energy, than I have in the last 11 years.

What I love most about working with Angie is, she is so grounded. She’s done the work herself so she gets it which is very unique for a practitioner. She listens and offers feedback and support from a place of true wisdom. She gently guides you to a place where you can always strive to be the best version of yourself. It’s like being in a Prius with Brene Brown, Ghandi, and Gabby Bernstein ; ) {Inside joke 🙂 }

Overall, I find the experience to be amazing, life changing, sustainable, and worth every penny!

Transformative Coaching also impacts me on a physical level.
I have much less pain and my GI issues are almost non-existent. I sleep better and I’m less anxious throughout the day. I have much more energy than I’ve had in a long time and my endurance has increased too!
If I could talk to someone who is on the fence about embarking upon the Enlightened Wellness transformative journey with Angie, I would tell them that this journey is invaluable. If you embrace it, it will give you back more than you can imagine. It’s a true mind-body approach, and it isn’t happening anywhere else!
As far as the Functional Nutrition piece, Angie and I worked on tweaking things here and there. I see two other doctors and Angie is amazing at communicating with other practitioners to ensure that we are all on the same page. She made tweaks here and there that made a huge difference for me that others had missed. I’m also thoroughly impressed at how she stays up on the latest research and applies it. My GI issues continued to linger but since she added a few things to my regimen I’m feeling better than I have in years.

Angie is a rockstar!”

Jacqueline, Speech Language Pathologist, Albuquerque, NM

“Before I started working with Angie, I had severe digestive issues, headaches, joint/muscle pain, fatigue, high blood pressure and I was overweight. Within 1 month of working with her and following her guidance, my symptoms were significantly reduced, and I had lost 10 pounds. Within just under 3 months, I had lost 20 pounds, and my overall symptom score reduced by 70%. She also worked with me to request additional thryoid labs from my doctor for a more thorough assessment of my thyroid function. We found out that I have early Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. I am working NOW to slow the progression with nutrition and lifestyle, rather than waiting until I have full blown Hashimoto’s, which is what would have happened without having Angie on my health care team. The past year of working with Angie has been tremendous. ”

– Celine, Retired Engineer, Albuquerque, NM


“I approached Angie because I wanted to improve my health–body, mind, spirit–to live a full, vital and happy life.
Angie helps me by providing extensive knowledge in holistic health and nutrition. She assists with gentle and profound supports to promote mindset and behavioral shifts that lead to health-enhancing practices.
I now feel…
very in tune with my physical body (I know what it needs to thrive and can easily course correct as needed). My relationship with food has improved significantly and I eat a largely anti-inflammatory diet–which is delicious! My awareness about the power of mindset–and the tools I have gained in working with Angie to quickly drop negative mindsets–has lead to increased happiness and optimism in my life.
What I love most about working with Angie is her amazing balance of heart, head and spirit. She is brilliant.
Overall, I find  the experience to be life changing.
Transformative Coaching has increased my ability to be ever-present of the mind-body-spirit connection. Every action, through, feeling impacts the whole body system.
Working with Angie is an opportunity to get very real and honest about your Whole Self health, to make significant and lasting changes, to commit to your own well being so that you can be vital in your own life as well as the lives of others.
I am [now] deeply aware of the foods and eating practices that support vital health. I eat a largely anti-inflammatory diet…and it’s delicious. I now know without any doubt how food and eating impact my physical and emotional health.
Angie is great! She’s the real deal!”

Sophia, Clinical Social Worker, burgeoning Personal Cook and Professional Actor , Albuquerque, NM