Month: March 2016

  • Where are YOU on the Autoimmune Spectrum?

    The question is not ARE you on the Autoimmune Spectrum, but WHERE are you on the Autoimmune Spectrum? In case you’re not familiar, I’d like to introduce a concept put forth by a very brilliant and successful Functional Medicine physician, Dr. Amy Myers, in her book, The Autoimmune Solution. It’s called the Autoimmune Spectrum. It’s an interesting…

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  • My Autoimmune Story

    In honor of National Autoimmune Awareness Month, I’d like to tell you my own autoimmune story. First, a little background: I used to work as a Clinical Nutritionist in a sub-specialty of pediatrics.There, I witnessed a lot of great intelligence and skill, but I also saw the separation of body systems, as if their interactions…

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  • The AIP RESET Challenge

    Would you like to do a Functional Nutrition Detox to reverse inflammatory symptoms and heal your digestive tract?  Furthermore, how about doing that with the support of other people like you, who want to up-level their experience of their body and their life; who want to understand how they can heal themselves for a life full of vitality;…

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