Month: September 2016

  • Hormones: What’s Blood Sugar Got to Do With It?

    Hormones, inflammation and blood sugar… How do they connect? I work with people who have inflammatory symptoms and autoimmunity, and most of them are women, who also have hormonal imbalances occurring simultaneously. Most practitioners treat hormonal imbalances with hormones. This is can help, but it doesn’t treat the root causes, nor does it necessarily make a person…

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  • Unraveling Disease: The Functional Nutrition Play By Play

    If you’ve got nagging symptoms of ANY kind or a diagnosis, you’ve got inflammation. Now, inflammation isn’t so bad in and of itself. We need it to heal from in acute injuries, in fact. However, if we become chronically and systemically inflamed due to core imbalances, that’s when symptoms arise and the disease process is under way….

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