Month: April 2020

  • Choice: The Great Equalizer

    The energy has been intense of late. We have all been feeling it, consciously and unconsciously. We are having a shared experience all of the time, it’s just more obvious right now with the current conditions.  Before I begin to share what I have been noticing and what has been coming through, I want to…

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  • “What Does this Experience Remind You Of?”

    Photo Credit: Mary Moon Photography This is the question I was asked by my teacher/transformative coach last week after I shared with him, in a storm of emotion and a shower tears, my worst fears and deepest grief and anger, regarding my then-perception of the circumstances and future, surrounding what we are calling COVID-19.  When…

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  • There is no enemy

    I want to speak to something that I have been noticing in my own experience and in the experience of my clients and with many others. Perhaps you are noticing and experiencing this, too: It’s the human tendency of getting caught up in compelling narratives that reinforce the idea of an “other” and in particular, an…

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