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May 24th, 2021 by admin

Hello, Beautiful One! 

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or even months or years where you just felt like nothing was going your way, and you felt so heavy and down-and-out?  

I certainly have.  

It’s easy during those times to wonder what’s wrong with you and then to come up with a million things that are or must be.   

When you ask questions, you will get answers, and the answers really depend on the questions you are asking.   

If I’m constantly wondering, what is wrong with me; why others are capable of being happy and I’m not; why others can heal and I can’t; or if I’ll ever be able to get over my hangups and be happy… 

My mind will give me answers that reflect the quality of my questions (and the level of consciousness I am asking from).  

With the questions above, I’ll get answers like: 

There’s definitely something wrong with me that prevents me from ever being happy, enjoying good health, having a loving partner, experiencing ease, flow, and abundance…

I’ve got to work harder. I’ve got to put myself out there more. I’ve got to learn more. I’ve got to achieve more. I’ve got to get in with these people…I’ve got to lose weight…  

And so on, down the rabbit hole….  

Countless lives have been lived this way in their entirety. 

But there is another way to live and think.   

What if instead of asking dismal questions and getting dismal answers (hmmm…) 

We started asking expansive questions in order to get expansive answers and start having a more joyful experience?   

Instead of asking, “what’s wrong with me,” how about asking,”what is right about me?” 

You might get an answer like, “everything,” 

which creates an entirely different experience.   

You might find yourself making a list of all of the things that are right about you, and you might find yourself falling in love with being YOU.   

You might find yourself overtaken by the 3 gateway drugs to happiness and healing: 

Gratitude, Love, and Awe, or as I’ve heard it said and like to say, GLAWE. 

Here is simple a practice for you…  

Anytime you are feeling down, or “not good” to any degree, I want to invite you to first, switch your nervous system, by taking 6 or more deep, slow, conscious breaths in the nose and out the mouth… 

And then, open up the energetic field of GLAWE.  

You can say, “I open the field of gratitude, love, and awe.” 

And then, as you continue to breathe consciously,  start focusing your attention on the people, places, and things in your life that stimulate these feelings in you,  and allow yourself to be over-taken by these emotions.   

As the creator of your experience, you can choose to turn up the intensity on these feelings. 

You can consciously choose to run the simulation of TOTAL GLAWE in your experience, 

 just as easily as you can and DO unconsciously (or consciously if you are engaged in your shadow work) choose to run the simulation of how it feels to believe that something is wrong with you and that you’ll never be healthy or happy.   

You get to decide. You are NEVER without choice.

And you are always choosing, either consciously or unconsciously.  

You don’t have to go another moment believing stories that make you feel “bad.”  These stories are never true.   

What IS true, is that you are perfect, limitless being, endowed with creative consciousness, and…

you can shift your energy, your mood, and even your health or your experience of your current state of health…

AT WILL, any time, any where, under any circumstances,  

because you are the creator of your experience, and you get to decide what thoughts you will focus your attention upon,  and therefore, how you will feel and experience life and what is happening in each moment.   

If you are experiencing symptoms or a health condition, I invite you to pause and notice what you are making this mean about you.

What story are you speaking over your experience? 

What have you been telling yourself that your body is simply reflecting for you, because your cells are at your command? 

It might come as a shock, but the way you feel about your body, your health, your relationships, etc., 

is not caused by your body, your health, or your relationships, but simply reflected BY them.  

They are illuminating for you (making conscious) the story you’ve been unconsciously telling yourself all along.  

They are giving you an opportunity to See what you haven’t been seeing and to love what you haven’t been loving.  


And if you don’t know how to listen… 

If you find yourself getting distracted by another thought or line of thinking, every time you try to get still and listen,  

then find someone who can hold space for you to stay out of distraction and TRULY become the witness of the stories that are arising.  

And if you need help uncovering and addressing the physical root causes of the symptoms or condition(s), find someone who can help you do that.  

You might even find someone who can help you do all of that.  

This is what I do. 

I am both a Functional Medicine Nutritionist who specializes in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and other gut-related inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, AND a Transformative Spiritual Coach and metaphysician/shamanic and energy healer.  

There is no better or other time than NOW to do this work.   

The time is always NOW! 

When you put off the work of deep healing that clearly wants to happen, and that you truly want to do, 

but perhaps don’t feel that you can for whatever reason… 

…or you keep trying to do it on your own in a fear-based manner, 

frantically “trying to figure it out”… 

Things often keep getting worse, or they stay the same, which can feel just as miserable and unbearable.  

You get squeezed tighter and tighter until things really blow up in your face, and you find yourself in a dark night of the soul.  

You might even find yourself on death’s door.  

Maybe you find yourself wanting to die… 

Or, maybe….you decide that you want to LIVE—truly live—  and that you’re not going to put off claiming power over your experience and working with your body as an ally any longer.  

 You can start NOW, by tuning into GLAWE for what IS going right and what IS right about you, 

and EVEN your symptoms, conditions, and difficult emotions.  

You heard me right.  

It’s ALL worthy of GLAWE, because  it’s ALL pointing you to a greater level of existence.  

When you start vibrating at this level of awareness, receptivity to healing quickens.  

Let me be clear….You can understand the concept of this awareness, yet not actually be vibrating at this frequency… 

This is only because you haven’t YET integrated the limited interpretations you made about yourself during early traumatic experiences, 

and these limited beliefs run contrary to seeing yourself and all of creation in your and its perfection.  

You can shift this, and you can begin to vibrate at a higher frequency–a frequency at which healing becomes inevitable. 

If you ’d like to work with a practitioner who can support you both physically and emotionally-spiritually-energetically,

and you are seriously ready to invest your time and energy into having space held for you to do the deep Work of becoming the loving master of your mind and your body,

I invite you to reach out to me to explore our fit on a free Clarity Call. 

And if you’re a healer of any sort, do check out my Heart Warrior Intensive for Healers. 

Just for today, I invite you to practice spending as much time as you can in GLAWE.  

Allow ESPECIALLY the seemingly  littlest things to spark GLAWE in you, about the miracle and blessing of life and all of creation.  

It truly IS a miracle that you are alive, in this body, at this time, on this planet, with your soul family.  

FEEL that.  

Just for Now. Just for today…  

Notice what happens in your experience when you choose to open yourself up to feeling this.  

And if you feel a shift, and if it feels really good… 

And if you notice that shifts start happening in your world that reflect your shift into GLAWE… 

Imagine what else might be possible—what desires might come to life…

desires for more love, more vitality, more abundance…

If you just started focusing GLAWE in that direction.   

I want to remind you today that regardless of what you may have been told… 


YOU, YOUR attention, and YOUR belief that all healing is possible—which you will notice, feels absolutely true when you are in GLAWE— is the key to it all.  

Re-training your mind to think and respond differently to your environment—from a place of unconditional love and radical acceptance, rather than fear and judgment… 

And from that space of awareness, giving the body-temple what it needs to heal on the emotional-energetic and physical levels,  

through a root-cause approach, 

is how you will heal in a way that is individualized and sustainable.  

I hope this message serves you in some way.  

If I can support your process of healing and expansion, please reach out.  

Loving YOU.  

BE Blessed,


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

Transformative Spiritual Coach | Functional Medicine Nutritionist | Metaphysician

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Student Journey Director

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