3 Ways to Tap Unlimited Energy

June 8th, 2017 by admin

Does just thinking about doing certain things drain your energy?

I used to think that travelling back home to visit family was draining. I used dread it. I would anticipate all of the painful memories and emotions that going back there would surely bring. I would tell myself that I never fit in, anyway, and that people didn’t like me. I used to tell myself that there were people I did not want to see, because either they would judge me, or because I was judging them.  I would get tired and emotional just thinking about going home, and so for a few years, I didn’t.

Then, one day recently, my hand was forced by a death in the family. I had to go home. I was overcome with dread and procrastinated in buying my tickets. And then, just like that, I realized that I was making it all up. I realized, because of the transformative work that I have been doing both personally and professionally, that what I was feeling was completely thought-generated. I could feel that my peace was disturbed, and I used that as my cue to slow down and let my thoughts settle.

From there, instead of viewing this trip as an emotional burden, as I had been accustomed to doing,  I realized that I could choose to see it for what it was–an opportunity to show up differently this time. An opportunity to connect with and be there for my family, who I love dearly; to let go of my old stories of lack, fear and separation, so that I could appreciate every person that I would encounter as a beautiful soul in search of Love–the same as me.

From this space, even though there were some sad circumstances, I was able to have a really great time. I felt energized by the trip, rather than drained by it.

We are only ever working with our own perceptions. It’s not circumstances that cause us to feel a certain way, it’s our own believed thinking about the circumstances that determines how we feel. Until we wake up to the power of thought and the power to choose what type of thoughts we are tuning into, we are run by our thoughts and emotions, and we miss countless opportunities to experience the beauty and loving guidance that each circumstance actually presents. 

I’m sure you also experience feeling like life and its circumstances are sucking the life out of you at times–maybe even most of the time. I’d love to share with you, 3 ways to tap into your unlimited energy supply.

Believe it or not, you have access to, and have always had access to, this unlimited supply of energy. There is never a time when you don’t have access to it, but there are certainly times when you unconsciously choose struggle and lack over peace and abundant energy, no?

3 Ways to Tap into Unlimited Energy

  1. Stop trying to change circumstances. You have no control over circumstances, so this is a losing battle that will suck your energy dry every time. When you understand that you have the power to choose how you respond to circumstances, rather than feel that the circumstances have power over you, you have changed the game, my friend. All it takes to tap into unlimited energy, is to accept things as they are and to view everything as loving guidance–as an opportunity to grow, and ultimately to choose Love over fear. This is an amazing and extraordinarily energizing feeling, not to mention, way of BEING.
  2. Be here now. When you are spun up in a story about what awful things are going to happen in the future, or in a memory of some awful thing that happened in the past and that may happen again, you’re cooked. You are not in the present moment, and you are expending a lot of energy on things that aren’t even real. You have no way to know what will happen in the future, and you cannot change the past. You CAN stop reliving the past, however. It’s over. You’re here right now. Be present to this moment. Relax into it. Trust that everything works for the good, and allow yourself to directly experience what’s actually here right now, observing all of these thoughts that arise. Tune into the sounds you hear, both near and far. Feel the chair and ultimately, the Earth and life force energy, supporting you. Watch your breath as it flows in and out of your lungs. Tune into and act from the Beauty of NOW. In doing so, you are tapped into abundant energy.
  3. Stop trying to get more out of life. You already have everything you need to be happy and at peace. More money is nice to have, but if that’s what motivates you, versus love, service and purpose, no amount of money will ever give you what you’re truly after–perhaps, a sense of peace, happiness and/or  security. Maybe you want more love from your partner or romantic conquest. Being loved by another person is nice, but what will energize and invigorate you more is to be fully present with whomever you are with and to love them unconditionally. Same goes with your work. The more you choose to directly experience what is actually here right now, versus trying to “get” more or add more, the more energy you will be able to tap. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be ambitious or pursue the love of your life. What I am suggesting, is that you be fully present to whatever you’re doing or whom you are with in the moment, rather than being a slave to an endless to-do list and goals that are driven by the need for approval, control and security. Love and devote yourself to what you’re doing in the here and now, and the energy will come pouring in. 

Remember–the energy you desire is already on offer. You just have to consciously choose to stop, drop and BE, in order to experience it. 

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Here’s to wellness beyond the status quo!

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