Everyday, Angie is supporting people on a healing journey effectively dissolve limited ancestral patterning and belief systems that cause emotional and physical suffering, so they can finally become the leader, way shower, and/or beneficial presence they came here to be.

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Angie takes a different approach to physical and emotional healing than you may be accustomed to, and if you are drawn to a heart-centered healing approach that honors who you are as a unique individual and as an energetic being, read on.

Originally trained as a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Angie has over a decade of experience working with clients and patients with chronic gut-related and autoimmune conditions.

With additional training in Transformative Coaching, Shamanism, Spiritual Treatment, and Energy Medicine, Angie supports your whole being and helps you to discover the vitality that is already here for you, just waiting for you to realize and actualize.

You don’t have to be physically ill to work with Angie, but if you are, Angie will help you realize the  emotional/spiritual/energetic root causes and perpetuators of your dis-ease, which will support your healing process like nothing else can.

Only when stress and unresolved trauma are integrated through effective shadow work, the cultivation of self-awareness, and right relationship to your thinking, can healing occur in a deep and sustainable way.

Healing at the level of consciousness potentiates physical healing programs and therapies, so they can truly work for you.

Book a Powerful Introductory Session with Angie!