Always on the Brink of Your Breakthrough?

February 16th, 2016 by admin

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Ever get really close to getting something you desire or even start getting it, only to have it slip through your fingers?

This happens to everyone at various times without fail, but what about when it happens a lot? For instance, every time you get ahead financially, something comes along like a car or home repair to take a bite out of your bank account and put you right back where you were—scraping by with little or no expendable income. Or, every time you start a new exercise and eating regimen and start feeling great, you get derailed by getting sick or injured,  or some new time-consuming responsibility pops up. Or, every time you commit to that elimination diet, you get invited to a string of lavish events (had to throw that one in there!). No matter what the scenario, there’s always that force that pulls you back to where you were and keeps you from getting what you want. And do you know what that force is? It’s your own thoughts and belief systems. Experience is created from the inside out, not from the outside in. There are actually NO exceptions to this rule. This is how the mind works.

If no matter what you do, something always seems to thwart your efforts or success, further exploration of your belief systems may be in order.Sure, you probably have some physiological factors to sort out, as I mentioned last week, but if you are continually trying and failing at having that breakthrough in your health and/or your life, what you need is to take a deeper look with someone who can help you identify your limiting belief systems and guide you over time, in choosing lines of thinking that are conducive to having more ease and flow in your life.

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What’s the process? Here’s the juice…it involves becoming keenly aware of your experience and noticing what is actually here for you, which means separating what is actually YOU from what is actually just THOUGHT. It’s very important to develop a practice of looking at your thoughts versus through them. When we can bear witness to our experience and our thoughts, we have a choice about what thoughts we will shut off and which thoughts we will lean into and have shape our existence. Another important concept to realize involves accepting ALL aspects of your experience, rather than resisting certain parts like emotions we or society deem as “bad”. This work is about removing any judgments you have about your experience and instead, just watching it unfold with awe, wonder and curiosity, and trusting that your experience is functioning just as it should be (because it is). It’s when we fight our own existence by banishing parts of ourselves to stay forever under the surface that we suffer both emotionally AND often times, physically.

This is what Transformative Coaching is all about, and it’s something that I use to help my clients get out of their own way, so to speak, and move forward along their healing journey. For many, it’s the missing link. If you’ve been stuck in a health rut and want to get unstuck, then the combination of Transformative Coaching and cutting-edge Functional Nutrition that I offer, may be just what you need. I offer these together in my Enlightened Wellness 90-Day VIP Healing Intensive, so that we have the time and space needed to bring about deep and lasting change for you, both physically and emotionally.

If you’re interested in working together, head on over to my website and check out the details. If you’re serious about moving forward and have read up on my program and philosophy, schedule a FREE Enlightened Wellness Clarity Session with me. You’ll see the link. This will help us to get to know one another a bit and also gauge whether we are a good fit, which is super important on both ends. I only work with clients who are fully committed to putting their healing first and who seek the personal growth that comes as a part of the total healing process.

I take my work with clients very seriously, because it’s not just my job. It’s my purpose. That said, we also have a lot of fun! If you’re ready to start your healing journey, I would be honored to work with you. If you’re not ready, or don’t really feel that you need or want something so intensive, I invite you to stay connected and just absorb what I put out there each week. It all comes from this amazing, divinely inspired work that I get to do with some incredible individuals (as well as with MY coach), and this newsletter is my way of sharing the wisdom that springs up from that work, with both the world and with YOU. Next week, I’m going to be discussing a Functional Medicine/Nutrition topic, so stay tuned for a super interesting discussion on root-cause healing!

Oh, and last week on Instagram, I ran into a former client. This is what she had to say: 
“Thank you, Angie! You helped me with identifying my gluten intolerance in 2011! You are awesome and I will always remember how you helped me!!…Much love to you, lady!! I was so happy to find you on Instagram!! I will stay in touch for sure, because you were the one that took me seriously and helped me realize I was not crazy and had a legitimate issue! Life changing for sure!!… 😘💞”

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