Are You Underusing the Ultimate Superpower?

March 23rd, 2021 by admin

Happy Spring (or Fall if you are in the Southern hemisphere), Beautiful One!  

I am so excited for the new growth that this time of year brings!  

I am also thrilled for warmer weather and solo time in nature soon!  

I have a 3-day shamanic nature solo coming up at the end of April, and I am getting excited… 

…and a little nervous.   

But you know how it goes…fear always comes up when you’re about to do something really brave and highly transformative. 

On this journey, I will be water fasting and welcoming all of the downloads and upgrades that Spirit/Pachamama knows I’m ready for at this time. 

The first time I made this journey, I remember friends being nervous that I might get super hungry and be really miserable out there…

 …and I admit that I was nervous about it, too. 

It was to be my first water-only fast, AND my first time being in nature with no humans, no animal companions, no fire, no journal, no yummy snacks or beverages…  

NOTHING to distract me.    

In my heart, I knew that having this time alone in nature and water fasting combined, would make this experience powerful for me… 

And I wanted to have a powerful experience, more than anything else.   

I knew from the Work that I’d been doing with my coach and spiritual teacher, that in order to have a powerful, life-changing experience, 

I would need to create the conditions for that to happen AND make myself receptive to the downloads and guidance that would be given.   

The most important aspect of the healing journey is to make ourselves RECEPTIVE TO and CREATE THE SPACE and the CONDITIONS FOR healing and clarity to *reveal themselves.*

You see, we don’t MAKE healing, understanding, clarity, transformation, or alchemy happen. 

These things are actually a shift in perspective that are GIVEN to us by the Greater Intelligence within, when we focus our attention upon, surrender to, and welcome FULLY… 

What-Is Here NOW. 

This is the purpose of ceremony. 

Paying full, undivided  attention TO Pure INTENTION (the ideas of Spirit).   

Why would we want to do that? 

 Because our ATTENTION TO our Intentions is what brings them to life.   


It is THE Superpower.  

That’s why everyone wants it!

So, taking time away from normal life…

 …whether that’s a couple of hours, days, months, or even years… 

…and using that time to pay FULL ATTENTION TO your intentions with full TRUST in THE POWER of YOUR ATTENTION  and full trust in the support that is all around you, just waiting for your command… 

 …THIS is what it takes to be a CONSCIOUS CREATOR, rather than an unconscious creator.  

THIS is what it takes to weave your desired reality on purpose, rather than innocently and unconsciously weaving a reality of suffering.  

This is what it takes to create the conditions for miracles to happen… …to create Beauty beyond circumstance… 

…to transcend trauma, and… 

…to get UNSTUCK. 

The Power of Paying Undivided Attention TO your Intention, is also what makes creating a long-term sacred container for growth, healing and transformation so powerful.  

You don’t have to ex-communicate yourself from your family and friends to experience the necessary big shifts in consciousness that create big changes in your life and in the world.  

You really just need to create space IN your life for BIG shifts to happen, which sometimes does look like going away for a few days and getting highly intentional. 

 It can also look like saying your SACRED YES, and stepping into a transformative container 

that keeps you paying attention TO your intentions 

So that you can live a full life that serves and continually reveals your highest purpose. 

This is why I created the Heart Warrior Intensive for Healers

A 6-Month Quest to Release All That Holds You Back from Manifesting More Abundance, Alignment, and Flow

My clients who commit themselves to doing their inner work over time 

and patiently developing their attention over time with my guidance, 

experience miraculous growth, expansion, and healing on all levels. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m not here to mess around… 

We are infinite beings, it’s true– but our time here in these bodies, in this lifetime, is FINITE.   

I Am here to fully commit to my Inner Work so I can InJoy the hell out of loving this gift of life I’ve been given.  

I Am here to develop and share the medicine that flows through this unique channel.  

I Am here to dissolve all of the veils of illusion that I can in this lifetime, so that I can be a clear channel for Spirit to work through. 


And are you really doing that?

OR, like most humans, are you suffering from Intention Deficit Disorder? 

It’s a real thing, I assure you. 

The main symptoms are:

  • spinning your wheels
  • feeling like you’re wasting your potential
  • feeling like you never have enough time, space, support, or experience to unleash your brilliance and live a life of abundance and flow. 

If that’s you, please know that all you really need to do to transcend this is…  



To create miraculous shifts in your life and open up your gifts in ways you cannot even imagine right now.  

If you’re ready to do what it takes and you’re tired of trying to do it by yourself please see my Heart Warrior Intensive for Healers.  

It’s a powerful one-on-one shamanic and transformative spiritual coaching container for healers who are ready to step into the full expression of power, abundance, and flow. 

Please note: 

Even if you feel drawn to this Work, please do NOT schedule a Clarity Call with me unless you are SERIOUS about committing yourself to doing your Inner Work over time, 

and to making conscious what is unconscious, one powerful shift in perspective at at time,  

so you can finally start releasing limited thinking and ALLOWING yourself to be the powerful and abundant healer you already ARE. 

This Work will amplify all of the other tools in your toolbox… 

…because coming into right relationship with your thoughts, 

remembering yourself as the Awareness that it’s all appearing TO,  

and training your mind to pay unshakeable attention to the thoughts that are TRUE about you  

And the intentions that reflect Spirit’s idea of Itself as your life…. 


I hope this message serves you deeply, Dear One.  

ALSO…. Not only am I looking forward to solo time in nature soon,

I am also very excited to gather with women in nature, for at least one Shamanic Women’s Camping Retreat this Summer, here in The Land of Enchantment (New Mexico, USA). 

  • Think deepening your connection to nature
  • hot springs, lush meadows, babbling brooks, starry skies, fire ceremonies
  • gathering chi/life force energy through shamanic practices and teachings
  • shadow work
  • shamanic healings
  • delicious, healthy, plant- based meals
  • and more….

If this interests you, please reach out and let me know. 

Due to the intimate and sacred nature of these retreats, invitations will be private and space will be limited.  

More on this coming soon.  

Loving YOU.  

BE Blessed,


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Holistic Nutritionist | Ceremonialist

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