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  • THE Key to Raising Your Frequency and Living the Life of Your Dreams

    Hello, Beautiful One!   Having and creating the life, work, and relationships of your dreams–a life of abundance, personal power, deep connections, pleasure, meaningful contributions and service, vitality, peace, and joy–requires raising your frequency. Raising your frequency is all about releasing conditioned lower vibrational thoughts, beliefs, and patterning, so that new, higher frequency thoughts, beliefs, and…

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  • Invite the Lightning…I Dare You

    Hello, Beautiful One…   I dare you to invite the lightning.    I dare you to stand out in the rain (naked, for the full experience),   And open yourself up to cold wet raindrops and wind on your skin,    Without running inside… Staying right where you are… I dare you to open up to the thunder, and breathe…

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  • 3 Things That Will Transform Your Life & Health

    Hello, Beautiful One!  Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or even months or years where you just felt like nothing was going your way, and you felt so heavy and down-and-out?   I certainly have.   It’s easy during those times to wonder what’s wrong with you and then to come up with a…

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