Childhood Trauma (ACEs) as a Major Root Cause of Chronic Dis-Ease

September 2nd, 2019 by admin

My eyes were recently opened to far-reaching impact of childhood trauma…

As I embarked upon mapping my personal healing journey from autoimmunity, IBS, anxiety and more, onto the Functional Nutrition Matrix, a tool that I use to take a systems-based, root cause approach in my work with clients who are struggling with chronic inflammatory symptoms and conditions, I was shocked.

If you would like to gain insight into your own root causes of dis-ease, as I discuss my healing journey in the context of the Functional Nutrition Matrix, you can watch here.

If you’d like to see my completed Matrix, as well as be supported by myself and a community of growth-oriented individuals on a healing journey like you, you can request join my free, private Facebook group, Enlightened Wellness. 

The first thing I map on the Matrix is antecedents, which are the factors like family history, birth and feeding history, trauma, etc., which set a person up for dis-ease. I always ask my clients about childhood trauma, and I knew this was a factor for me, but as I was getting ready to start my mapping, I thought of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, which I’d heard about, but had never taken a deeper look into.

What I found were statistics on the association between number of ACEs and chronic dis-ease, substance abuse, likelihood of being raped, and much more, that blew my mind, especially after getting my personal ACE score.

My ACE score is a little unclear, because I was very fortunate to have been removed from an unstable environment around the age of 5, by my grandparents. Some of the experiences on the questionnaire are definite a yes for me, and others aren’t so clear, because although I did have some exposure to the types of experiences listed, I was not exposed on a daily or even regular basis, especially after the age of 5. I am calling my ACE score a 4, but it could be anywhere from 2 to 4 or higher.

And, of course there are the Silent ACEs of Attachment & Developmental Trauma that are not accounted for in the ACE questionnaire used in the study. These were certainly present for me.

As I mapped the rest of my history and health picture, I could see the ACEs underlying the chronic childhood ear infections, which led to countless rounds of microbiome- and gut-ravaging antibiotics; I could see them underlying the food sensitivities, the h. pylori infection, and subsequent nutrient depletions and endotoxemia (which drives inflammation and autoimmunity under the radar for many); the Irritable Bowel, the anxiety, depression, isolation, perfectionism, fatigue, & irritability; the teen smoking, drugs, and drinking; the adult drinking; the giving my power away to sexual partners who had no business entering my womb space; the teeth grinding, lip biting and TMJ (which led to some cavities); and of course, the Granuloma Annulare–the autoimmune skin disease that I struggled with for two years.

Thanks to Functional Nutrition, resetting my nervous system & adrenals, nutrient repletion, healing my gut, acupuncture, body and energy work, and a commitment to deep and ongoing emotional work, I have been free of GA lesions for 5 years and counting.

With my new, deepened understanding of the impact that ACEs have on disease risk through heightened stress response and altered gut microbiome, and genetic expression, I could see those ACEs all over my Matrix, as the root of the root of the root. I could see my traumatic experiences and memories in a way that I’d never seen them before, and I became profoundly grateful for the way my life has unfolded–in a way that offered me the opportunities to receive and build a lot of resilience, in spite of and often because of, the ACEs.

Through Grace, I have been guided to create a career that would offer me the opportunity to heal myself and in the process, to hold space for my clients to heal themselves, too.

It has taken both an understanding of Functional Nutrition AND a deep dive into Transformative Coaching to help me recover from and reverse the footprint of childhood trauma. It hasn’t been easy or inexpensive, and it’s a never-ending journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Investing in my own healing and working my own process, is what allows me to hold fully integrated healing space for my clients, most of whom have had at least one, if not many more ACEs.

If you’d like to know your ACE score, along with your resiliency score, click here. 

I’ve heard it said that trauma is any experience that leaves you seeing yourself in a limited way. 

With this in mind, I have some invitations for you. Read on…

I invite you to reduce your stress hormone secretion & stop living in fight or flight, so you can actually start healing or accelerating your healing…

I invite you to fully activate & potentiate all of the physical work you’re doing to heal….

I invite you to cultivate a deep trust in Life.

I invite you to Re-Cognize your constant connection to All-That-Is.

I invite you to begin to cultivate a moment-to-moment RE-Membering of who and what you really are—Divine. ALL Good. Perfect. Whole. Complete. Supported.

Re-Membering who you are is a choice. 

It is a practice of intentionally dismantling victim consciousness along with the limited, strongly conditioned, socially reinforced paradigm of lack, limitation, and separation. 

The truth is, we all need to have consistent, unconditionally loving & non-judgmental space held for us, while we learn to hold that space for ourSelves. 

In order to begin Seeing yourSelf as the limitless being that you are and to start healing, it will be KEY to have someone on your side who Sees you this way first and holds you in that Light, no matter where you’ve been or what comes up.

I would Love to hold that space for you, if you are feeling called & committed to stepping boldly into your next evolution & highest expression of joy & wellbeing.

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If you are truly called to heal, which requires your full willingness to understand and challenge your  unconscious limiting beliefs and see beyond them from an elevated level of awareness, I would love to talk with you. I also want to be clear now, that I am happy to work with you to ensure that finances do not get in the way of you doing the Inner Work that not only YOU need to do to heal, but that THE WORLD needs you to heal, in order to be transformed.

If you’re not quite ready for one-on-one, and you’d like to do some foundational Inner Work in a loving and supportive online community setting (or by yourself), and you’re up to lighten the load on your liver, either a little or a lot (that’s up to you), I invite you to join me for Fall Mind-Body Detox.

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I would be honored and blessed to support you in a deep way, if you’re ready, and if at least one of the options on offer feels aligned for you.

Big Love & Blessings,

Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

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