Choice: The Great Equalizer

April 14th, 2020 by admin

The energy has been intense of late. We have all been feeling it, consciously and unconsciously. We are having a shared experience all of the time, it’s just more obvious right now with the current conditions. 

Before I begin to share what I have been noticing and what has been coming through, I want to say that I understand that some of you are witnessing and experiencing first hand, the most devastating effects of COVID-19. My heart goes out to you. You can apply what I am going to be sharing below to your experience, if you are receptive. If you are not receptive to what I am sharing today, because things are just too intense for you right now, I completely understand, and I honor where you are at in your process. Not everyone is ready for the kind of exploration that follows.

If what I share triggers you, particularly in the paragraph below, I invite you to notice what emotions arise, along with the thoughts behind them, as well as to just put it down until you are feeling grounded enough to look at it without feeling triggered. I share what I am noticing in the collective, in my clients’ experience, and in my own experience, not to instill fear, but to validate what many of you are experiencing and ultimately,  to support you in navigating your experience in the most empowered way. 

There are a lot of conflicting perspectives and data regarding COVID-19. Many are naturally beginning (or continuing) to question the mainstream narrative of systems and institutions that have not historically earned the trust that they command. While the illness is very serious for those with pre-existing conditions (sometimes unidentified), what we are seeing so far,  is far less of an impact than predicted (which I am certainly grateful for). The prediction models are continually changing and the number of cases and deaths we were told we’d see here in the U.S. is far less in actuality. The numbers being reported seem to be inflated by lax death certificate reporting guidelines issued by the CDC in March 2020. Field hospitals are being removed because they are not being used, and hospitals look like ghost towns in many, but certainly not all, cities across the country. And yet, the fear that was instilled initially, continues to amplify. There is talk and fear of mandatory global vaccination with a quickly developed and poorly studied vaccine,  as well as talk of requiring people to have documentation (including micro-chipping) to prove immunity or vaccination in order to be allowed to go to grocery stores, attend public events, and to travel, among other things. Whether this is an issue we will actually face, only time will tell. 


For those who are questioning the mainstream narratives, the brewing questions have been bringing up fear of death and loss, as well as belief in lack, sickness, victimhood, susceptibility, limitation, separation, and restriction of human freedom. The sharp rise in unemployment and slowing of cash flow is bringing up a sense of not being good enough, not having enough, and being powerless to do anything about it. 

Have you felt this? Has this been your experience? 

On the other hand,  perhaps you have been taking everything you’re seeing, hearing, and reading from mainstream (and alternative) media and government at face value–or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle.

Either way, I imagine that you are having a similar experience to those who are not convinced that all is as it appears. Once again, an emotional pit of fearing death and loss, belief in lack, sickness, victimhood, susceptibility, limitation, separation, and restriction of freedom; and I am sure, that unless you have been preparing and training mentally and spiritually for years, you are feeling not good enough, feeling as thought you don’t have enough, and feeling powerless to change your experience, if you are not employed right now or experiencing a slower flow of funds. 

Isn’t that interesting?

No matter how we are seeing the current circumstances, or what we believe to be the cause, if we’re seeing through the lens of fear, and if we are under the assumption that our feelings are caused by something other than our own thoughts, the experience is the same.

Whether we’re worrying about the possibility of a collapsing economy, getting sick, dying or dying in isolation, losing loved ones and patients, medical and other forms of tyranny, future viruses and pandemics, the threat of biological warfare, Bill Gates or China trying to take over the world…

No matter how real any of it feels or may actually be, we don’t actually know anything for sure; what we are worrying will happen, is only happening in thought and not happening right now (although people are dying, which happens no matter what), and we cannot control outcomes.

One thing is for sure, though….as varied as all of our perspectives are, many of the same limited belief systems are being brought up and illuminated in our individual and collective experience. As I discussed last week, it’s mostly memory replaying. Nothing is ever 100% as it appears. 

In order to see clearly, and to glean the truth from all of the information and narratives swirling about, which is required if we want to act in ways that truly serve our best interests, we must first remove the veil of fear that dirties our lens. We must let go of our attachment to the things we think make us whole, complete, and connected, but in reality do not and never did.

We are getting the opportunity, through this COVID-19 experience, to see clearly, all that is not serving us and that doesn’t matter as much as we have been led to  believe, so that we can begin the process of shedding all of the limited perspectives–ways of seeing and ways of being–that obscure our vision of what is most important to us and what is actually true about us, individually and collectively. 

So that being said, it doesn’t matter as much WHO or WHAT you think the oppressor is, it matters most THAT you view yourself as a oppressed. It doesn’t matter as much WHY you feel afraid, alone, and powerless; it matters most THAT you feel afraid, alone, and powerless. Inquiry into your personal experience is what deserves your attention, rather than endless mentalization of possible worst case scenarios. 

No matter how you perceive the current circumstances, if you are feeling and experiencing any or all of the above, I invite you to breathe slowly and deeply, and to notice how you are feeling. 

Connect with your emotions and the thoughts behind them. Observe them and allow them to move through you, without unpacking them. Just notice how it feels in your body to allow these thought-feelings to be fully present and uncensored, without doing anything about them. 

Remember that the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing are all limited energies. As permanent as they feel, they are in fact, temporary and NOT all that is possible. So much more more is possible, in fact!

Love yourself for feeling this way, for believing these thoughts to be true, and take responsibility for innocently and unconsciously holding yourself in this way, as the creator of your experience. 

You can say, “I love myself for feeling this way” to invoke the power of unconditional love within your field and your mind.

Spend some time here. Breathe consciously and just play with radically accepting and loving yourself for all that you see and feel. 

Hold it all lightly and lovingly and notice how your experience shifts. 

Feel the thoughts and feelings with awareness of what they really are and with so much love and tenderness, for as long as you need to. Met in this way, these thought-feelings will naturally let go of you, and the truth of your existence will reveal itself once more. 

Thoughts and emotions are powerless without your belief in them as reality. It is your belief and your attention to your thoughts that brings them to life in your experience. 

YOU ARE the power. 

As soon as your belief and focus naturally shifts to thoughts of a higher vibration (even if only slightly higher), the thought-feelings that feel so real and permanent in the moment, will dissipate. 

When you believe the fear- and separation-based thoughts and feelings to be what is true about you and about Life, you will experience fear and separation, no matter what is actually happening. 

When you believe the Love- and Oneness-based thoughts and feelings to be what is true about you and about Life, you will experience Love and Oneness, no matter what is happening. 

You will also have greater access to your intelligence, healing capacity, wisdom, resourcefulness, creativity, compassion, and all of the guidance and support that is being broadcast by a Greater Intelligence, when you allow yourself to See from the perspective of Love and Oneness.

This is the nature of experience. It’s an inside job.

I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and you are not powerless.

As isolated as you may feel right now, during this time of physical distancing, and as powerless as you may feel to the circumstances and powerful agendas, please remember that you have the whole universe within you. You are connected to and an integral part of All That Is. 

Remember that you have always been taken care of by a Greater Intelligence. You are supported, come what may. 

Your ancestors are here. The angelic realm is here. The ascended masters are here. All of your spiritual allies are here. Mother Nature is here. 

It’s all Spirit, all of the time, and so all of the support you need is within you, because you are a unique emanation of Spirit. Everything you need is as close as your breath. 

You are the one directing your personal experience OF what is happening. 

You have a choice in how you view yourself in relation to all that is occurring–and this is your superpower. 

If you would like to move through the current circumstances with more ease, grace, trust in Life, power, wisdom, creativity, resilience, valor, etc., you have the power to do so. 

If, for now, you would rather stay stuck in a loop of validating fear, victimhood, lack, susceptibility, despair, and powerlessness (which is not the same as feeling your feelings with awareness, as described above), you have the power to do so. 

You have free will. It’s all allowed, and you are loved unconditionally, no matter what you choose. There is infinite space for all aspects of your humanity. 

You get to remain unconscious for as long as you you need to and for as long as you can stand it, and this is an integral and perfect part of your process. 

When you do finally decide that you want something better; that you are here to have a beautiful experience of Life and to be fully awake to and allowing of your limitless power and potential…the door is wide open. 

The path is eternally clear for you to create a new experience, even now. 

Choice is always available to you in each present moment. You can always begin again. 

You get to choose how you use your imagination and how you direct energy and experience with your thoughts, no matter what is happening around you, and no matter who you are. 

The freedom to choose how we experience life is the great equalizer among us. 

I’ll leave you with a quote from Dr. Viktor Frankel, Austrian neurologist, psychotherapist, and Holocaust survivor, and the author of Man’s Search for Meaning: 


May you bless yourself Now and always, with your willingness to experience yourself fully,  beyond limited perceptions and narratives and beyond circumstance. 

If a thought, emotion, story, or narrative doesn’t have you feeling good—to ANY degree—it’s worth shining a light upon. No matter how real and permanent it seems, if it doesn’t feel light and expansive, which is your true nature, then it is in contrast to your true nature, and therefore, worth inquiring into more deeply. 

It’s worth welcoming and integrating, so that something entirely new can get through—THE REAL YOU. YOU, in your full power, love, authenticity, vitality, resilience, confidence, competence, humility, valor, compassion, and radiance. 

The world needs you to be THE REAL YOU. We are all being called to be the highest and best versions of ourselves—NOW, not later. A Great Awakening is occurring, and we need all hands on deck. We need as many people as possible to be grounded in awareness and seeing clearly, in order to navigate our society into a greater existence. 

We are supported, AND we must do our part to keep our vibration high by knowing that this IS SO. We must constantly support this awareness with spiritual practice, transformative inquiry, and self-care. 

If you are feeling the call to embody your Highest Self  through spiritual practice, transformative inquiry, and self-care, and you are ready to answer it, I would love to support you in peeling back the societally programmed layers of illusion and distortion to reveal THE REAL YOU, in an accelerated way. If it feels aligned, please reach out and fill out a Clarity From. My Transformative Spiritual Coaching sessions and programs are still “pay what you can afford” for the time being. 

I hope this message serves you deeply. 

Loving YOU. 

Infinite Blessings,


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Functional Medicine Nutritionist | Ceremonialist

Enlightened Wellness

Gourmet Healer, LLC

Student Journey Director

Transformative Coach Institute