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Ancient wisdom tells us that Spring and Fall are the optimal times to detox our bodies AND our minds (the two are actually one), if we want to enjoy optimal vitality the whole year long and year after year.

Do you have a detox practice?

I finally got around to creating one myself a couple of years back, with the help of an expert teacher, and I’ve adapted what I learned with what I know as a Functional Medicine trained-Registered Dietitian and Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach.

Since beginning my Mind-Body Detox practice of twice yearly intentional cleansing and teaching it through my 5-week group nutritional and emotional group detox experience, Mind-BodyDetox, I find that each time I do cleanse, I step forward more grounded in the eating and self-care habits that serve me, AND far less attached (or not at all) to the habits, foods, thought patterns and ways of being that don’t.

I also move forward each time with a deepened sense of who and what I am and a renewed vigor in what I am here on the Earth to do.

So often, we get overwhelmed by symptoms and dis-ease processes; we’re afraid of what they might mean and want desperately to make them go away. We wonder, “Why me? What’s wrong with me? Why does my body hate me?”, when in truth, the body is an instrument, a compass, directing you back to your True North.

The body speaks in the language of felt sense, sensations, and symptoms, as a way to illuminate the limiting thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself. If you will seek to truly listen to and understand the language of your body, you will come to know that the thought reactions you have to the symptoms–not the symptoms themselves– are exactly what your body is assisting you in FULLY SEEING, so that you can welcome them with Unconditional Love and integrate the fragmented parts of yourself.

As you welcome and hold the limiting thoughts and beliefs that arise in reaction to emotion, sensation, and symptomatology, about yourself with Unconditional Love–rather than trying to push them away, somehow make them not true (they’re already untrue, in fact), cope with them, or manage them–your attachments to them dissolve and peace returns.

The body is your greatest ally in consciousness.

This way of being with the body-mind and using it as an instrument for healing, growth, and expansion, can be nothing short of miraculous, and I am excited to be teaching you how to integrate this Greater Awareness into your healing journey, as an aspect of your Mind-Body Detox experience. 

I am also excited to teach you a periodic way of eating and supplementing that will support your body in:

  • Restoring alkalinity and calming inflammation
  • Restoring immune balance
  • Restoring mineral and overall nutritional status
  • Supporting digestion, the physical root of all health and dis-ease
  • Restoring gut health and microbial balance and diversity
  • Supporting a slow, graceful, and glowing aging process
  • Re-patterning your nervous system, transforming your stress response, and nourishing your adrenals

If you’d like to join the Mind-Body Detox evolution, lifetime access to the course is available for purchase anytime, and you can find support in the private Facebook community. The active cleanse periods in the Facebook community are September and March.

Alumni are encouraged to stay connected and to return each time, in order continue cultivating a Mind-Body Detox Lifestyle.

In other words, after your first investment, it is very easy to return to and reap the benefits of this sacred container for nutritional and emotional/spiritual cleansing, twice yearly, year after year.

If Mind-Body Detox is calling you as the next evolution of your healing and wellbeing; if you are on a mission to heal from inflammatory, autoimmune, and/or gut-related issues; if you are tired of feeling sick and tired; if you want to not only live LONG, but VITAL; if you feel a pull toward knowing and actualizing the full range of your healing and aliveness potential, I hope to see you inside! 

Scroll down for the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Here’s to allowing your full healing & wellbeing potential.

Big Love and Blessings,


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD
Functional Medicine Nutritionist |Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Ceremonialist
Enlightened Wellness
Gourmet Healer, LLC

Student Journey Director
Transformative Coach Institute 


What is Mind-Body Detox?

Mind-Body Detox is a nutritional, emotional, spiritual cleanse that can has the potential to exponentially elevate your consciousness and your experience of your body as a Divine Vessel and ally.

How is Mind-Body Detox Delivered?

Mind-Body Detox is a web-based course that participants access through a password protected web-based portal. 

Course modules are unlocked week by week, on Sundays. Each week, participants receive the main weekly module, plus added resources. 

What Can I Expect Each Week?

Week 1: No-pressure prep week. Get clear on your intentions and your BIG WHY; Test your pH; Learn about the overall process; Receive guidance on simple shifts to start making in your diet, lifestyle and mindset; Order recommended supplements.

Week 2: The Mind Detox. All dis-ease and all healing begin and end on the level of thought, and so this is how our course begins and ends, as well. This week, you will learn a powerful, ancient, simple mental and emotional detox process to practice throughout the course. Emotional detoxing will support physical detox! As you physically detox, emotions and limited perspectives will come up to be cleared as well. You’ll want to have a way to meet these in a constructive way. I’ve got you covered!

Week 3: The Body Detox. This weekend, we begin our Body Detox by shifting to a flexible plant-based diet that includes sprouted gluten-free grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes, lots of fresh veggies and moderate fruits and their juices. You’ll also incorporate key supplements to support alkalinity, digestion and gut-health, in particular.

Week 4: Breaking the Detox: This weekend, you will break your detox, and the weekly module (delivered at the beginning of the week) will show you how to do so safely and comfortably.

Week 5: Beyond the Detox: This module is all about life after the detox–how to successfully integrate this new level of awareness and vitality; and maximizing your potential for creating your best life and health possible.