Expand Your Healing Potential

November 26th, 2019 by admin

This Black Friday, Expand Your Consciousness & Your Healing Potential

(read further down for the deal!)

When I began training in Functional Medicine Nutrition, I thought that having an understanding of the how to identify and address physical core imbalances/root causes was all that I would need to help people transform their health. Boy, was I wrong about that!

What I found, when I started working with clients who were struggling with chronic inflammatory conditions, was that regardless of how well they adhered to the plan or protocol, if they were stressed with health fears, body shame and mistrust, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and unresolved trauma, etc., they didn’t heal to their full potential; or, they had amazing results that they couldn’t maintain, because they went back to their old coping mechanisms/behaviors/patterns with food and lifestyle—especially in light of big changes in their lives.

Neither the body, nor the mind can heal in the midst of a stress response, especially one that never shuts off, due to a limited perspective—viewing oneself as limited, separate, stuck, not worthy of Love, or a victim of Life and others, most commonly. 

After a while, it became very apparent to me that simply changing behaviors without cultivating true self-awareness, doesn’t last.

That’s when I knew that I had to deepen my counseling skills, beyond cognitive behavior change and motivational interviewing. I didn’t know what my options were, initially, and honestly, I see it as pure grace that I found my Transformative Coach and his coach training, Transformative Coach Institute, when I did.
Nowadays, as a Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach, I spend a lot of time holding transformative space for my clients, who are often simultaneously receiving Functional Nutrition counseling from me, to have deep realizations into their true, Divine, Limitless Nature.

When clients run into resistance around their Functional Nutrition plan, we use that resistance to point us toward what they’re believing about themselves in order to be holding up their own healing and feeling ashamed, resistant and stuck. It usually has nothing to do with the food or new habits, and everything to do with how they’re viewing themselves, from a limited, innocently inherited, disempowered perspective.
I just had a call with a beautiful soul this evening, and she reflected something for me that has been becoming more clear—the transformative coaching work that I am doing with clients is incredibly powerful, in that the grounding meditation that I often guide clients into, combined with energy work I’m doing as we’re talking, induces a deepened (or “altered”) state of consciousness that allows clients to open up fully to shifting out of limited thought-created personal narratives and into the full experience of sovereignty over their experience and what is actually true and happening in the present moment—beyond thought and story.

It’s powerful, and it’s all done over the phone, Zoom, or What’s App. 

Clients often say that after a coaching session with me, they feel incredibly grounded, happy, free, blissful, and at peace. This tells me that their nervous system is back into parasympathetic “rest and digest” mode—the only way the body can heal. 

Often, clients have big downloads, revelations, and paradigm shifts. It all depends on the level of receptivity and where a client is in their own personal journey.

Cultivating this awareness regularly with guidance is key, as it’s very easy to slip back into old habitual programming.

De-programming limiting beliefs and thought reactions, and fostering present moment awareness, takes no time in the moment, but embodiment in daily life,  often takes time and repetition.

It takes allowing someone who is grounded in self-awareness to hold unconditionally loving, non-judgmental space for us to see what we’re not seeing in our experience and to directly experience ourselves as the sovereign creators of our own experience that we are and that we have been all along. 

If you’re tired of trying to heal on your own, or you’re doing everything in your power to heal physically and/or emotionally, and it’s not working, I would love to extend an offer that ends this Friday, at midnight.

It’s temporary, because you need an incentive to finally give yourself the gift of one on one mentorship with a guide who can hold powerful healing space for your inner and outer transformations. 


Here’s the deal: 

Until Friday, at midnight, my individual, 6 month coaching programs are $500 off. The 12 months programs are already highly incentivized, because I encourage long-term commitment to your process, so these are discounted a little less, at $200 off. 


If you’re serious about healing the missing link to your personal healing journey, please fill out a client application by Friday at midnight, and I will reach out to schedule a time for us to have a no-strings-attached powerful coaching conversation. This conversation will serve you deeply and let us both know whether or not we’re a perfectly aligned fit.


In order to receive discounted pricing, you’ll need to submit your client application, by Friday, November 29th, and you must enroll in your program by Friday, December 13th, to get the discounted pricing.

Dedicated applicants only, please. This work is sacred and devotional, and does not work without your full commitment to being guided to see what you’re not currently seeing, and to be with whatever arises through our exploration together. 


May you experience the joy, gratitude, and liberation, that only self-awareness, or Self As Source Awareness, as I like to call it, can bring.


Create a truly happy day of giving thanks. Remember—what you appreciate, appreciates. Blessings already abound, and your attention to them is what brings them to life in your experience.


Big Love and Blessings,



“I had a session with Angie tonight, and it blew me away. I’ve been dealing with some mostly unexplained, physical pain in my left side and during our session we talked about things coming up that could have been related to it. Angie lead me through a grounding session/meditation, and within that, my awareness was incredibly heightened and I also went into a hypnotic state, where my subconscious mind was able to take a step forward basically so I could get to the root and integrate what was going on. Angie helped me remember what it means to be fully present in a moment, and not have any attachments to the story, the memories, or even what’s currently going on around me. I feel a great release within myself, and I am so grateful for the space she held for me so I could really take some time to think about the root of what’s going on within my body and thus within my entire being. My whole perspective has changed, and I feel grounded and relaxed. Thank you so much Angie, I will be taking what we talked about and holding it close.

If you ever need any kind of in-depth, reflective, healing work, Angie is amazing. She is understanding, attentive, sweet, compassionate and excited/passionate about what she’s doing.”

Zayda Renna, Founder of Soul Space Rituals and Energy Work


“I want to begin with the capacity and history in which I’m acquainted with Angie. Our little boys attended an early childhood Montessori program in Albuquerque. I noticed Angie from a distance and observed a radiance and glow in her energy and demeanor . A couple years later, I opened the city’s first collaborative wellness center, Inform Studios in Nob Hill. Angie became a frequent visitor and gathered in sacred sisterhood during full moon ceremonies. That is when we began to cultivate a connection and friendship. Recently, she generously offered a complimentary Transformational Coaching Call. I jumped at the opportunity to work with her, as I’ve had a genuine interest in her expertise. We had a 60 minute coaching call this morning. I immediately felt at ease and safe to share what has been most difficult to process at this time in my life. She listened attentively, lead me through a guided meditation and then as I shared with her what came up visually for me, we unearthed exactly what needed to be revealed. We called it forward and I was encouraged to hold it delicately, go deeper, hold more space and presence. I came out the other side with a different lens to view it, with an increase in self compassion, and direction to simply be present and aware as it continues to show up in my life. So yeah, our call was nothing short of Transformational. Thank you Angie, for leading me back to place of innocence and kindness for my inner child. She has missed being held with compassion and care. With the awareness and tools you brought me, I will not abandon her ever again. I would never abandon another child- so it’s time I offer her the same empathy and love.”

Gal Eugene, Santa Fe, New Mexico