Find Peace Beyond Circumstance Now

March 24th, 2020 by admin

Be still and know that I AM God…

Be still, and know that something good is happening, even though the senses aren’t perceiving this to be so.

Be still, and know that all you need in order to be at peace is to connect to your breath and drop the mental and social chatter, regardless of how relevant it all may seem. If it doesn’t feel good, let it go…just for now. 
Be still and drop into the Wisdom of the Heart, which is always being broadcast in the stillness of the present moment.
Know that you are supported by and connected to the many unseen aspects of The One.
Know that there are many souls in this realm and others, working on and praying on your behalf.
Surrender to and Love What-Is.
It is in this space of Awareness, that welcomes all aspects of experience to the table at last, that the fear of death and loss which ultimately originate from the shared belief in separation from God/Source/Love, will finally let go of you.
It is in this space of open receptivity, that the Heart’s Wisdom, which is always being broadcast, can be sensed and heard. It is here that you will receive the guidance, peace, and Love that you’ve been seeking.
You will not find it out there. You will only find it within.
It is in this space that you can experience yourself fully—your true eternal and limitless nature—and relax into and allow yourself to be carried by the arms of pure Grace.
It is in this space that you will be guided, one insight at a time, every step of the way.
It is in this space that you will be moved to act powerfully and authentically.
Stay here, in this sacred space, as long as you can stand to allow yourself to be free.
Come back as many times as it takes—every time you notice that you are clenched in fear, or uneasy to any degree; drop the internal and social chatter, and come back to the stillness of the present moment.
Loving you, and sending you and your family infinite blessings. May we all find the peace that passeth all understanding during these uncertain times. May we glean the medicine that uncertainty and mystery have to offer. In the words of American poet, Theodore Roethke, “those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries.”
As so many of the great wisdom texts and traditions tell us, healing is not dependent upon outer circumstances. All that is required for healing is a shift in our perception—a return to right-seeing…to right-relationship with our own thinking.  
Infinite Blessings,

P.S.–if you would are finding it difficult to center on your own, please reach out to me. I am currently offering single sessions for individuals and small groups of 2-3, at a “pay what you want” rate. I am also offering, to individuals who are willing to commit to their inner work, a “pay what you want” rate for my 6 month one-on-one Inner Work transformative coaching program. I am open to offering this program to small groups as well. I am feeling deeply called to serve, outside of the usual monetary confines, during this time; and, we’ll see what the future holds. Something totally new is taking form in our world. If this offering calls to you, please fill out a clarity form, and please let me know when you do.