Fulfillment vs. Feel-full-ment

March 22nd, 2018 by admin

Are you eating and living for fulfillment or feel-full-ment


I could just leave this post at the question above, and if you really sat quietly with it, intending to receive insight around it, it would benefit you immensely. I highly recommend you do this, although I do want to expand on it a bit in hopes of supporting you in your process. 

Let’s talk about “feel-full-ment.” 

Food is a nice starting point. Have you ever eaten just to feel full both physically and emotionally? Unless you’re Thich Nhat Hanh or somebody like that, I’m sure you have. Honestly, I’m sure he has done this at least once… He’s human like the rest of us, and he has had or is having his own journey toward enlightenment.

That said, I’m going to assume your answer is yes.

Here’s why this never works out for you:
When you are eating for feel-full-ment, you are looking to source fulfillment from something outside of you. In doing this, you (innocently) overlook the fact that:

There actually is no “out there.” Your entire experience of life (and your body)  is all happening within your own mind. All of the joy, love, peace, wellbeing, creativity, HEALING, and transforming knowledge you could possibly want is all within you.

It’s right here, right NOW, within YOU. 
When you’re trying to find it out there, you’re just simply not in realization of this. You’ve gone unconscious, which is WAY too easy to do in our world and well, because we’re human.

It’s not your fault, so don’t go judging yourself about this, or blaming anyone else for it, for that matter. This will only deter you from the truth and delay the fulfillment and healng that you seek. 

What you are looking for “out there” in food, sex, money, relationship, praise, validation, weight loss, “the perfect body”, the perfect persona, the perfect diet (yes, even that), likes, follows,  clothes, cars, material possessions, information, etc., will NEVER give you want you’re actually looking for, because it’s NOT what you’re actually looking for. This stuff will make you feel good temporarily, but will always fall short, because… it’s all temporary. Ah, logic! It can SO obvious and NOT obvious all at once.

To put it a little differently, it is not a part of the changeless aspect of who and what you really are, which is a spiritual being, having a human experience. Pure, vast  conscious awareness. Always here, always NOW–not back in “the good old days” and not in some near or distant future. 

What you are truly after is not “feel-full-ment” although you often unwittingly believe that it is. Why do you believe this? Because you believe that either (or both, most likely both):

  • Something is inherently missing from you
  • Something is inherently wrong with you

What if you didn’t believe that?
Let’s say that you CAN’T believe that–there’s no way possible that you can even HAVE that thought. Now what? What’s possible?

How do you react with that thought REMOVED? With that faulty programming that your whole psychology and physiology heretofore has been organized around, GONE?

How do you show up to your plate?
Perhaps eating to live, not living to eat? Perhaps able to stick to your therapeutic food plan with ease? Perhaps free of emotional eating? Perhaps curious rather than judgmental about cravings? Perhaps inspired by food and not afraid or resentful of it? Perhaps as an intuitive and mindful eater?

How do you show up in your relationships?
Perhaps as an equal? Perhaps with a voice? Perhaps able to freely give and receive love instead of withholding it in any way? With unconditional love? Wiling to be vulnerable? Without judgment? Without defense (or attack)? Allowing the other person to have their own feelings and experience without it meaning something negative about you?

How do you show up at work?
Perhaps confident in your strengths and comfortable with feedback and even critism? Perhaps welcoming failure as an opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed? Perhaps with an attitude of gratitude and willingness to selflessly serve? Perhaps with the courage to put your ideas out there, no matter what anyone thinks or whether they get it or even listen? Perhaps more proficient at fostering good relationships with clients and colleagues, even when there is disagreement?

How do others respond when you show up WITHOUT the belief that there is something wrong or missing with you? 

Perhaps they want to be around you more…perhaps they stop picking on you…perhaps they begin to see you as you NOW see yourself (they always have. think about that) and become more receptive to what you have to say? Perhaps they drop their defenses and feel safe to be themselves with you. Perhaps they start being honest and real with you.

My point is…
When you understand that YOU are the answer you’ve been waiting for and seeking, you will be free and life will start getting REALLY GOOD. You will finally be free from cravings and addictions, free from drama, free from body hatred and mistrust, free of comparison, free from emotional relationship traps, free from trying to control people and outcomes, free from perfectionism, free from procrastination, and free to ENJOY life and to RELAX into its perfect unfolding.

When we realize our freedom to relax into life’s constant support and perfect unfolding and to be guided by our intuition (which we only hear when are not caught up in believing our limiting thoughts and beliefs to be true), we also heal both emotionally and physically at an accelerated rate. Suddenly, our therapies start working, because the more aligned we are spiritually and energetically, the more receptive we are to healing. The more we MATCH the vibration of healing. 

As A Course in Miracles says,
“…only perception needs salvation.” 

This is why my programs are heavily focused in Transformative Coaching. Your health is a reflection of your state of mind. Physical changes are necessary and support you in your healing process, but what ACTUALLY does the healing is your belief and grounding in your Innate Wholeness and Oneness with all of Life. It is at this level of consciousness that disease of any kind, at  any stage melts away.

I hope this post serves you immensely. If you would like to delve into a deeper exploration and embodiment of what I’ve covered today,
I invite you to join me for Transforming Gut Health & Your Whole Self, a live 2-hour workshop at University of New Mexico’s Center for Life, on Saturday, March 31st, from 3-5 pm. Details below.

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Of course, working with me individually is an option, too. If and ONLY if you’re DEEPLY serious about that, go over to my website and fill out a client application under the PROGRAMS TAB. 

Here’s to wellness BEYOND the status quo, and here’s to accessing your FULL healing potential. 


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD
Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Transformative Coach
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Transforming Gut Health & Your Whole Self

UNM Center for Life
4700 Jefferson St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Saturday, March 31st, 2018 from 3-5 pm

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If you plan to attend, you must pre-register through UNM Center for Life. Contact Michelle Hale at mmhale@unmmg.org or 505-925-4551. OR, you may register online at: http://bit.ly/2p5ffep