Heart Warrior Intensive for Healers

Heart Warrior Intensive for Healers

Become the healer you came here to be. Move through your healing journey with power, joy, ease and awareness.

Carl Jung said that Shadow Work is the path of the Heart Warrior.

And we all know that Heart Warriors are often healers.

This is because, as healers, we can only take our clients as far along in their healing as we’ve been willing to go ourselves.

Our own Shadow Work and the depths we are willing to go to, and LOVE ourselves and our process TO, informs our Work and the space we hold for our clients, like nothing else can.

Healer, you are a Way Shower, and Way Showers go first.

You’ve got this. You came here for THIS.

Not for the glory of saving others, but for the alchemy and BLISS of saving yourself with unconditional love.

As a healer of Self and others, you’ve got to do your own Work first and forever.

Learn the art of holding unconditionally loving space for yourself, and you will naturally become a master of holding unconditionally loving, transformative space for those you serve.

Are you holding unconditionally loving space for yourself and your own healing process? 

OR, like many healers I know…

Do you find yourself constantly caught up in trying to figure out how to heal physically and/or emotionally? 

Thinking you should be further along by now? 

Wishing you could just be done with certain aspects of your healing process already? 

Feeling like you don’t deserve to help others if you’re still struggling? 

I get it. I’ve been where you are, I am continually working my process, too, AND…I’m here to lovingly remind you that you’re right where you need to be. 

All of these thoughts are actually just symptoms of programmed, innocent, and unconscious belief in separation and lack of love. 

Yes, you’ve worked through A LOT already, AND there are still more unconscious layers of self-judgment and resistance to your present moment experience that you’re being invited to See and to Love. 

If this weren’t the case, you wouldn’t be perceiving a problem. You’d be consistently feeling REALLY good about where you’re at right now and where you’re going.

These thoughts that are arising now are simply pointing you to the next layer of innocent misperception that’s up for integration. 

Your greatest fears, harshest judgments, and sense of separation from Spirit, are inviting you into the next round of your Shadow Work.

That’s all that’s actually happening here. 

These thought-feelings don’t actually mean anything about you. 

There’s nothing to figure out, only something more to Love. 

Allowing unconditionally loving, transformative space to be held for YOU, is the most effective way to deepen your understanding of how to hold unconditionally loving space for yourself…

So that, not only do YOU heal and expand…you naturally begin to show up holding this quality of space for your clients. 

Which is absolutely life-changing for both you and your clients, and all of your relations. 

I’ll say it again, because it is so important…you can only take your clients as far as you’ve been willing to go to yourself in your healing Work.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels trying to do this on your own, and you know it.

This is why I created the 6-month one-on-one Heart Warrior Intensive.

  • Get to the emotional/spiritual root of the root, of your own physical and emotional/spiritual symptoms and struggles.
  • Work with shamanic tools and spiritual and consciousness technologies that will support you in masterfully directing energy and becoming the conscious creator of your own reality.
  • Shift from a place of disempowerment in your own healing journey, to a sense of sovereignty and deep trust in the body-mind as your greatest ally in consciousness.
  • Start seeing illness as the initiation into healing and expansion that it IS, rather than something to fear and resist.
  • Release your fear of death, so that you can hold space for more Life to flow through you and through your clients.
  • Cultivate and Master the Art of Loving What-Is in the deepest depths of your own experience, so that you can do effective shadow work that dissolves the trauma-based and ancestral patterns that have been blocking your full potential as a healer and in ALL of your roles in life.
  • Show up in sacred space with your clients, unattached, un-averse, and as a hollow bone for Source to work through.
  • Hone the skill of discerning and choosing Heart Wisdom over the desire for comfort, approval, security, and control, so you can finally show up fully as the healer and the beneficial presence you came here to be.
  • Integrate guilt and shame, so you can become unapologetic about living in your power and in your truth as a healer and a Way Shower.
  • Learn to sit with discomfort, so you can move through fear and challenges with ease and grace; which means you’ll get to enjoy the PURE BLISS that is always just on the other side of pain.
  • Learn to set clear boundaries within your own mind, so you can easily set boundaries with clients and their energy.
  • Bring healing to the relationships that have been the most difficult for you, and hold space for your clients to heal and/or let go of their most challenging relationships.
  • Heal the body and reset the nervous system by first healing the mind and becoming grounded in present moment awareness.

This program is for:

  • YOU, HEALER, who came here to be a beneficial presence, to live fully, and to create your own reality consciously and unapologetically
  • YOU, HEALER, who came here to create Beauty beyond circumstance and transcend trauma, AND be a living for permission slip for your clients and the world to do the same.
  • YOU, HEALER, who are ready to face down your own fear-based stories about why healing isn’t possible for you and why it might not be possible for your clients, either.
  • YOU, HEALER, who wants to be a hollow bone for Source to work through, and who understands that clearing the veils of illusion and unresolved trauma is how you will become the hollow bone.
  • YOU, HEALER, who are WILLING to breathe through discomfort and SEE things differently, because you KNOW that healing and miracles are simply the result of a shift in perspective.
  • YOU, HEALER, who are ready to continue your Shadow Work, and understand the power of doing so within a sacred container with a guide you trust.

Make 2021 a Pivotal Year for You…

6 Months of:

Bi-Weekly Individualized, 60-75 minute Shadow Work & Transformative Spiritual Coaching sessions and between-session support.

Quantum Healing before and during sessions via remote energy and prayer work offered by Angie–you need do nothing)

Shamanic Tools & Spiritual Technologies: an intuitive, personalized shamanic tool box of power practices and consciousness technologies will be given to you throughout the course of your program.

Plant Medicine Preparation and Integration Support: Transformative Spiritual Coaching and Shadow Work with Angie will both prepare you and support you through the integration process if and when you choose to work with plant and other psychedelic and entheogenic medicines, as many healers do.

Gut-Liver-Adrenal Re-Patterning Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations: take an adrenal quiz and submit your current supplement regimen to Angie, and she will support you with recommendations to optimize your nutrition, self-care, and supplement intake.

If you would like more in-depth functional nutrition assessment and counseling, this is a service which can be added to your program.

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