How Two Feathers Brought It All Together

June 22nd, 2020 by admin

How was your power portal weekend, Beautiful One? Any powerful revelations? Please feel free to reply and let me know. I would love that. 

In my experience, the weekend was mixed with beauty and inspiration, followed by a sense of tiredness, heaviness, and “what’s the point?”, as the old paradigm of lack-, limitation- ,and separation-based thoughts set in. 

On Friday, I pulled cards that spoke to the end of a cycle and giving permission to,  ‘rest now, because your battle is over,’ which left me puzzled. “What cycle? My life? Am I going to die? Ok, well…if not, what cycle within my experience is ending?” No answer came, and so I let it go and didn’t think much about it again. 

Then on Saturday, the cards offered solace to a weary soul, with reminders that, ‘you are supported. Stop trying so hard. Your time is coming.’ They were also about unconditional love, liberation, and personal power. 

Then on Sunday, the heaviness set in. I wallowed half of the day, physically tired from cooking, cleaning, and hanging out with my 6 year old son, and emotionally tired from an intermittent,  never-ending discussion online about a hot topic that I now realize, will never come to consensus. 

Today, I finally gave up on it. It’s not my job to convince anyone to see the world and life how I see it. I was reminded when two of my Facebook friends reached out for emotional/spiritual support that they didn’t feel they could get from anyone else  their life, that my purpose is to hold unconditionally loving transformative space for my online and in-person communities, and particularly for the ones who are ready to know their own minds and tap into their own authentic power to create their personal reality. 

I realize now, in a way that I haven’t ever realized before, that this is what I’m here for, and I matter— despite what my ego tells me, using “evidence” from the past; and despite how it distracts me away from showing up fully, in order to keep me safe, in its limited and twisted perspective. 

This morning, on a hike, I found two feathers. The first, stuck in some prickly pear spines, drew my eye down from taking in the expansive view that I had stopped to admire. I crouched down to get a closer look and couldn’t make out what kind it was. I left it there, and said thank you; and then a beautiful download came in to finish my sentence. ‘Thank you….for reminding me to consciously *choose* to rise up and soar above limited thinking.’ I went on my way with a big smile on my face, and a few moments later, my eye was drawn downward again to another feather. This time, it was a perfect bluejay feather. With a hummingbird happily buzzing above me, I picked up the feather and thanked the winged ones for so generously supporting me in seeing from a greater perspective today and every day. 

Then I suddenly realized what that peculiar card I drew a couple of days earlier was about—the end of a cycle of personal struggle over whether or not the work that I am doing as a Transformative Spiritual Coach actually matters and ultimately, whether I matter. I’ve been struggling off and on with the transition from health practitioner to spiritual coach (who helps people heal both physically and emotionally). The struggle was specifically around equating the transitional period with how its going to be forever—particularly financially. 

I’ve been doing a lot of waking up and cleaning up around self-worth, finances, and abundance, over the last couple of years. I’ve found myself thinking of quitting and either “getting a real job” or throwing myself fully into homemaking and child-rearing, more times than I can count. While those certainly are valid options, my soul won’t let me quit.

Today, this cycle of struggle is over. I get it now. Like, for real this time. My life is abundant. I have ALWAYS attracted abundance. 
Lately, abundance hasn’t been looking like my ego says it has to look in order to mean I’m of value, but my Wisdom says that abundance is here Now and always has been. I am so grateful, and I am so inspired to serve in the way that I am called to serve, even more. And I trust that my willingness to show up fully, to love and serve my community fully, and to wholeheartedly put in whatever work is needed, is all that I need to be doing to experience an abundance of love, joy, beauty, connection, and yes, even money. What we are grateful for, what we *know* we already have, finds its way to us. It cannot stay away. 

Just like those feathers I found today….A couple of years back, I set the intention for feathers to start coming to me. All I found were dove and pigeon feathers, which I dismissed, until a few months ago, when a fellow shamanic student told me to start picking up the ones I was finding, to be grateful for them, and to use them in ceremony. She said once I tapped into gratitude and reverence for what I was finding, more feathers would start coming. And she was right. All kinds of feathers have since been coming to me by various means. The feathers today remind me to be grateful for what I already have, so that more even abundance can find me. 

I hope this message serves you in some way. 

I hope it reminds you to be grateful for ALL you already have and to count everything and everyone in your life as a blessing, so that more of the love, abundance, and beauty that is your birthright, can find you. 

I hope it reminds you to be grateful for all of the challenges and times of transition that arise along the way, that are part of your personal Earth School curriculum for waking up to your full potential and authentic power as a spiritual being having a human experience. 

I hope it reminds and inspires you to stop letting yourself be distracted away from what you’re really here for…to truly let that go now, and begin a new cycle of living On-Purpose. 

You are here to be Love in a way that no one has ever quite seen before.

Are you living in alignment with your purpose? 

Have you even been able to discern what your unique purpose is yet, or does the programmed mind and the programmed world keep clogging up your bandwidth and cutting off your connection right before the climax, every single time? 

If so, please know that the most important thing you can do is to learn how to take your mind back from the limited and habitual programming of society, so that you can start tuning into what you’re really here for, and so that you can finally start BEING THAT which fulfills your soul.  

You are here for nothing less than to know and enjoy yourself fully and to BE the power and the Love that you are, in your unique way. You will not be fully happy, your soul cannot rest, until you do. Don’t wait until you die to Rest In Peace. Heaven is here Now. 

So, what are you going to do with the undetermined amount of time you have left in THIS body and in THIS lifetime? None of us really knows whether we get another shot at the human experience. All we know is that we are here NOW and that we can create our reality NOW. 

If you’d love to take your mind back from the world of lack, limitation, fear, and separation, and start living On-Purpose and in your power NOW, I invite you to book a free Clarity Call with me to find out if we are a good fit and to explore how I can serve you on your personal path to power, sovereignty, and freedom. Once you book your call, please fill out a Clarity Form, as well.

Until next time, I’ll just be over here answering my own prayers by feeling grateful to be alive, grateful for the abundance and support that is here Now and always has been, and grateful to be On-Purpose in this lifetime. 🙂

Loving YOU. Create a BEAUTIFUL week, Soul Family!

Peace & Infinite Blessings,