Improvising with The Universe

December 4th, 2019 by admin

Something new has been emerging. I have been intently walking the ceremonial, shamanic path in 2019, and all that continues to open up, never ceases to amaze me and fill me with a deep sense of joy and gratitude for the gift of Life, as well as sense of connectedness to All Life. Spending more and more time in this state of ultimate awareness has brought about great healing for me, both physically and emotionally/spiritually, and in effect, the deep Inner Work that I hold space for with clients continues to deepen and expand.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I attended a sound healing certification, and it was a weekend marked by the realization of just how healing and essential sound, and in particular, drumming, really is in our lives. In our modern world, we have forgotten sound, dance, toning, and the drum as healing technologies, but we are waking up and remembering.

I have been using the drum in my mediations, and I am finding that it is a very useful tool in calming the monkey mind and coming into the present moment, not only to experience the peace of pure Beingness, but also to notice what I haven’t been noticing in my experience that keeps me out of the present moment and not on the frequency of healing. Only when we let go of our fears and questions, and surrender fully to the Now, can truly notice and heal the limited perspectives we’ve been seeing ourselves and Life through.  Only through Present Moment Awareness, do we truly heal on all levels. We may find something outside of us that cures, but what heals can only be found within, in the Now, in communion with the Ineffable.

This is why the work that I do with clients involves guided meditation and breath work. We must go beyond the thinking mind, and step into an “altered” state of pure awareness for deep inquiry and healing to occur. 

Improvising with The Universe

To improvise with the Universe is to play with confidence and grace, knowing that the rhythm of Life is not something to be constructed, because it already just IS…It needs only to be recognized and all fears and questions surrendered, for us to experience our oneness with It once more.

The point of living is to become a fearless improviser. Going with the natural rhythm and tempo of Life, and fully allowing Divine Flow to determine the shape and course of our lives and our unique creative Life expression.

There is no better way to show our children and our fellow humans how to be whole, joyful, centered, Loving human beings, than to practice and embody improvising with the Universe, in our moment to moment experience, day in, day out.

Whole the parent, whole the child, whole the world. 

Drumming, toning, and dancing, are all excellent ways to practice showing up fully to connect with and surrender to the Rhythm of Life. Plus, it’s fun, and kids (and adults) learn best when the learning simply feels like play. Add the element of ceremony, and a deeply joyful and profound experience is had by all. We crave ceremony and rhythm. These are encoded into our DNA.

I have two events that I am facilitating and co-facilitating in December, in Albuquerque, NM, USA, to support those of you who are on the path to Self-Awareness through Divine Expression!  See below.

If you are interested in one-on-one work, I offer Transformative Life & Spiritual Coaching to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Feel free to fill out a Client Application if you are interested in exploring our fit through a FREE, no-strings attached, powerful Transformative Life & Spiritual Coaching experience. I also offer Functional Medicine Nutrition Counseling for those who want and need to address physical issues, while simultaneously engaging in the emotional/spiritual recalibration that is foundational to all healing.

Create a beautiful holiday season.
Infinite Blessings,
Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD
Functional Medicine Nutritionist | Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach
Enlightened Wellness
Gourmet Healer, LLC

Student Journey Director
Transformative Coach Institute

Event #1:

Waxing Moon Community Drum Circle
This Saturday, 12/7/19, from 1:30-4pm, I am hosting a family-friendly ceremonial drum circle on the Bosque, near the Bio Park, on a beautiful sandy river beach along the Rio Grande. No experience or children required. Your Inner Child is the only child you truly need bring.

  • Please bring a drum or other instrument (including voice) for a co-creation of organic musical expression and Divine Flow. If you bring kids, make sure they have an instrument, such as a drum, rattle, or flute/recorder.
  • Please bring organic/chemical-free flower/herb offerings for the River.
  • Bring warm layers. Please bring a backpack with water, a journal, beach towel or blanket to sit on (or a portable chair or back jack, )snacks and hat/sunscreen as needed.
  • Expect the unexpected, the magical, and the miraculous. Within our sacred ceremonial container, we’ll be on shamanic time, which is far from ordinary reality. Come with an empty cup and an open heart.
  • Suggested Love/Energy exchange:
    $20 per individual or family
  • $10-15 for teachers, military members, first responders, and single parents and their families
  • Elders 65 and over attend free

Cash or Venmo is preferred, at/before the start of our event, respectively.


Event #2:

Electstatic Dance Experience, Cacao Ceremony, & Solstice Celebration

From Event Founder, Devi Rose:

Every Pulse is an Intention
Every Note a Sacred Prayer
The Rhythm & the Melody
Oh, what a Healing Pair!

Sonic Medicine has been used since time immemorial for clearing, recalibration, and healing on all levels. Our bodies, our thoughts, our energies…all aspects of our BEing are profoundly affected by the vibrations of sound.

My Journey with the Alchemy of Sound has Guided me to create an event that is rooted in both Transformation as well as Embodiment. Shanti Embodied: Elecstatic Dance Experience™ invites you to connect with your Body as a Vessel of Divinity, and Re-Member YourSelf as an Integrated Being of Love and Light through the practices of Tantra, Ecstatic Movement/Dance & Sound.

  • Our playlists are upbeat and transcendental. A sweet blend of electronic, tribal, world and house, the music will take you on a Journey through your Self and open you to the Power Within.
  • Our evening will begin with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony led by Transformational Coach and Enlightened Wellness Wayshower, Angie King-Nosseir. She will also Guide us through a Heart Opening, Mind Expanding Meditation meant to balance light & dark.
  • From this place of aligned Stillness, I will offer Alchemical Transmissions through the portal of my throat chakra, singing songs Created to Illuminate your Being.
  • We will end the evening with the very talented DJ Gabriel Angelo, who will mix up some enlightening tunes, melding new and ancient sounds that will bring us into Intrinsic, Ecstatic Presence.

If you are interested in learning more about how Sound can transform your life and assist you in embodying your fullest Potential, Power and Divinity, please join us at The Unity Studio!!!

Our next CO-ED Experience will be held on the Winter Solstice, Saturday, 12/21/19! Open up to the Divinity Within and Without and AWAKEN the Newest, most Congruent Version of YOU!

We will start promptly at 7pm, doors lock at 7:15!

$35 Love Offering, please and thank you!
($30 with a Lover or Friend!)