Invite the Lightning…I Dare You

July 6th, 2021 by admin

Hello, Beautiful One…  

I dare you to invite the lightning.   

I dare you to stand out in the rain (naked, for the full experience),  

And open yourself up to cold wet raindrops and wind on your skin,   

Without running inside…

Staying right where you are…

I dare you to open up to the thunder, and breathe deep slow belly breaths as it shakes you to the bone.   

I dare you to INVITE the lightning,    

and to allow yourself to simply feel what you feel when you hear it crack.   

Feel the energy of witnessing and experiencing the intensity of Source energy—

The energy that simultaneously creates and destroys worlds. 

And then, remember:   

That this energy IS who and what you are…  

That you are not separate from it…   

That you are a part of it, and therefore,

you are safe in feeling it and in welcoming it.   

Even as you simultaneously have the experience of being afraid. 

This is true vulnerability. 

If you are like most people–even myself–you have struggled with being vulnerable…  

So many relationships have ended in a blaze of hurt and confusion due to a lack of understanding of how to be truly intimate and vulnerable.   

It feels easier to find a reason to get out than to stay and allow yourself to be seen fully.   

If that’s you, I have a question for you…

What might it be like to allow yourself to feel and welcome the sensation of wanting, 

with every fiber of your being, to shut down at the invitation to be intimate, to be still, and to truly BE WITH yourself and your emotions…

Or…your partner, your children, your parents, your siblings…

whomever you have the hardest time settling down into silence and intimate connection with? 

((They are all reflections of you. It is always YOU, you have the most trouble being with, and this can look like unhealthy attachment, just as much as it can look like detachment.)) 

What would it be like to, instead of trying to control outcomes, emotions, and perceptions, 

And instead of running off, To simply BE WITH and witness all of this resistance to and fear of Love…

with so much love, kindness, and compassion for yourself? 

Resistance to intimacy, to being alone, to feeling good, to authentic expression….…is a trauma response.   

It doesn’t matter what the traumatic stimuli was— 

It only matters that it was enough to tear you out of the dream state prematurely.  

It was enough to make you believe that it’s not safe to feel fully loved, accepted, and joyful. 

It was enough to send you right into survival mode—a mode you learned from your caregivers, who learned its from theirs, who learned it from theirs— 

Which looks like freezing up, contracting, fleeing, shutting down, withdrawing, busying—

becoming emotionally unavailable…

or too emotionally available and attached.   

It is time to unlearn the things you learned from wounded people.   

REMINDER: You did not come here to create and have a limited experience.  

Not ultimately, anyway.  

You came here to experience and eventually see beyond these limited ways of being and seeing,  

and to create and walk in Beauty…  

To allow yourself to be loved fully and lavishly— 

By yourself, first and foremost… 

by your family, by your partner (s), by your friends…  

And by LIFE.   

But if you don’t believe you are deserving of Love and to feel good,

nor that it’s safe to BE loved or feel good…

LIFE cannot love you to the fullest extent possible. 

And It wants to. It really wants to, but it needs your permission. 

It needs your belief in your own lovability, before It can love you and bless you to the degree that It wants to love and bless you, 

and to the degree that YOU want It to love and bless you…

which you absolutely deserve. 

So, I dare you: Stand trembling amongst the lighting bolts,   

And ask for more.  

Welcome the fear.  

Welcome the intensity of the energy and sensation moving through you, 

With infinite patience and so much love and tenderness. 

Open up to that which terrifies you the most:  

Love. Intimacy. Stillness. Aloneness. Being Seen.   

Open up more and more, just a little more, when every fiber of your being wants to contract. 

Every time you open up, when all you want is to contract, you are making a quantum leap, and you are giving everything and everyone permission to love you.   

You are giving yourself permission to love you,  

And to love Life.   

This is what you came here for. 

Are you ready to make the quantum leap into raw vulnerability, radical openness, and intimacy? 

For those of us affected by trauma, it’s the hardest and scariest thing we’ll ever do, 

and also,  the most rewarding and exhilarating thing we’ll ever do. 

It is a practice.

Intimacy and vulnerability are a practice that requires us to dare greatly from moment to moment, 

To go beyond our current threshold for feeling good…   

If you are a coach or healer who is here to cultivate and offer BIG medicine, you have the sacred task of doing your own work first— 

of being actively and continuously engaged in your own healing work.   

Intimacy and wide open vulnerability are required of us, as healers and way showers.   

We must go first, in order to be able to take our clients into the depths and out the other side.   

We must be actively engaged in cleaning up our own consciousness of

limited thinking, resistance to love, and feeling good, 

in order to be of deep and meaningful service to anyone else.   

AND in order to create the Beauty we so deeply want to help others create.

And so, I invite you, if you are a coach, a healer, or a shamanic practitioner, to step into a sacred container with me,

where you can have space held for YOU to do your own work first—

continuously, consistently, and effectively. 

I specialize in supporting healers, although if you simply consider  yourself a self-healer and you want to do this Work…

Let’s talk. 

I dare you to invite the lightning. 

I dare you to find out what happens and how it actually  feels, when you simply welcome the energy of fear and love yourself for feeling afraid. 

When you welcome the energy of guilt and shame,

and love yourself for feeling this guilt and shame…

This is shadow work. 

This is the work of transmutation and awakening. 

If you’re ready to live life beyond the status quo, I am ready to support you.   

Loving YOU.  

BE blessed,


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

Transformative Spiritual & Shamanic Coach | Holistic Nutritionist | Ceremonialist

Enlightened Wellness 

Gourmet Healer, LLC

Student Journey Director

Transformative Coach Institute

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We ate high-vibe, nourishing food.  

We sat deep in ceremony together with beautiful plant teachers and elementals, alchemizing all that came up to be healed and released with radical acceptance and unconditional love;  and receiving blessings and healings from Spirit and Mother Earth.  

We enjoyed connecting deeply with the lush, benevolent landscape. We indulged in sacred sisterhood, somatic experiencing, soaking in hot springs, loving our bodies, making offerings to the land and our allies (especially the Sprits of Water and Fire) and embracing our Wild Feminine nature.  

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