It’s All Perspective…

August 26th, 2021 by admin

Hello, Beautiful One!

Summer has flown by, and I’m now writing you from the lovely land of Pura Vida–Costa Rica.

I am blessed to be here for a month with my partner and son. Our daughter was with us for the first week, and she’s now gone back for work and to get ready for her first year of college.

Since we arrived here, a lot has shifted in the collective, and much of the world is back to creating a limited experience of fear and separation.

That is much less prevalent here.

It has me contemplating…

Perspective is everything, 

AND, it is truly amazing how powerful we are.

The choice and the power we have, to create our heaven on earth, or our hell on earth, from one moment to the next, is….

incredibly inspiring!

I’m in awe of what we are creating—yes, even now—because it points to what we CAN create, if we choose to create CONSCIOUSLY.

It’s already happening.

Even Now.

We’re learning what we need to learn in exactly the way we need to learn it,

in order to create the resolve and understanding that will be needed to co-create and experience the Beauty that’s actually possible.

That said, I don’t recommend waiting for the collective to catch up.

To be real, this is not likely to happen in your lifetime.


YOU can create Beauty Beyond Circumstance NOW,

because it’s all consciousness all of the time, and you always have a choice.

This is the shamanic perspective, and it is also the basis of Transformative Coaching, hence why I feel so blessed to have found both in such perfect timing.

If you’d like to create a different experience than the one you and most others are having right now,

let’s talk!

Transformative Coaching, unlike other forms of coaching and even therapy, as many of my clients have reflected to me,

is all about consciously making the fine, detailed shifts in perspective

that shift your entire psychology, physiology, and experience of Life.

Life expands and transforms before your eyes when you start consciously changing your perspective within a sacred, powerful, and consistent container,

held by a guide who is all about seeing you grow, blossom, and flourish,

through supporting you to See what you’re not Seeing, so you can TRULY be conscious in the creation of your reality.

A lot of people, even many of the healers, shamanic practitioners, and coaches I know, unwittingly go unconscious in working with their shadow parts on their own.

I know this from talking with them and holding space for them.

I also know this because I personally work with a guide who supports ME to create sacred space and stay conscious in my Inner Work and Shadow Work.

Those of us who want to do the inner work and shadow work effectively, so we can be the powerful healer, leader, way shower, and/or beneficial presence in whatever unique way we came here to be…

  • Allow transformative space to be held for us on the regular, within a sacred container
  • Invest in ourselves
  • Invest in Consciousness…

Because we know it’s the root of the root.

We have stopped allowing ourselves to be distracted.

We’ve stopped looking “out there” for the next big certification or course that will save us,

and we’ve turned inward,

because we know enough to know that

we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.

When you DON’T have a guide who is grounded in Awareness holding space for your Inner Work,

what’s often happening is,

you are unconsciously identified with the thoughts and emotions that are arising–

not actually shining the Light of Consciousness upon them and truly integrating/releasing them.

And this is why you are always “processing” fear, trauma, and perceived past, present, and future problems,

rather than transcending them and experiencing the deep,

lasting sense of RELIEF that comes

when you are able to remain conscious

and do your Inner Work effectively.

If you’re ready to invest in transcending collective fear, separation, & chaos,
and in stepping into your power to BE fulfilled, abundant, and protected,

I’m ready to support you…

mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically….

No matter where you are in your journey to healing and Self-Mastery.

The collective may never catch on…

Humanity will probably always (to some degree) be subject to the illusion of lack, limitation, and separation,

but YOU can free yourself NOW.

You don’t have to wait.

You can choose to continue feeling infuriated, trapped, afraid, and apathetic,

because the collective is gripped in fear and separation,


you can invest in setting yourself free

and creating Beauty Beyond Circumstance.

If you’ve been with me for a little while, you may know that 2020 was a difficult year financially for my family, as it was for many.

After struggling for a bit, I personally decided to trust Life and to continue investing in Consciousness.

Gabe struggled for some time as well,

and we almost split up…

But eventually, our relationship emerged from the fire as something entirely new, that is continually expanding and evolving.

Through it all, we knew that doing the deep Inner Work to release our fixation on fear

HAD TO remain our TOP priority.

Now, we’re in deep gratitude, love, and awe, over the fact that:

  • we are alive,
  • we are together with our son much of the time,
  • we get to do Work that fulfills us and allows us great freedom, FUN, and flexibility,

and right now, we get to spend a whole month in Costa Rica!

A lot of things fell into perfect alignment in order for us to get to be here now,

and it all aligned because this is what we chose to create,

with absolute trust in Life and in the power of creative consciousness.

We’ve had to tune out the media and fear and separation proponents on all sides of all issues,

along with allowing well-meaning family members and friends,

innocently and unconsciously caught up in fear,

to have their own experience.

That’s not an easy task, and our “secret” to staying conscious is this:

Continuing to invest in Transformative Coaching has kept us

consistently–and that is the key–

aligned with the desires of The Heart/Higher Self.

It has supported us in staying conscious, aware, and unconditionally loving, while moving through some very challenging and uncertain times.

I would love to share this Work with you and hold space for YOU

to create your experience consciously,

if and when you become ready to join me

in living Life Beyond the Status Quo.

I am tuning into offering virtual intimate group work soon,

and I have a couple of individual spots opening up soon, as well, so…

If and ONLY IF you are seriously ready to do this deep and powerful Work, within a sacred, individualized container,

Schedule a Clarity Call with me AND fill out a Clarity Form.

In order to honor my time, it’s not a free call. The $97 you pay for this life-changing call with me will be applied to your coaching program, if we decide to move forward together. 

Here’s to Life Beyond the Status Quo!

Sending you BIG LOVE and Infinite Blessings…

Pura Vida,
Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Holistic Nutritionist | Shamanic Practitioner
Enlightened Wellness
Gourmet Healer, LLC

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