Life is Ready When You Are

August 10th, 2020 by admin

Was 2020 supposed to be your year to shine, to heal, to live your best life? It still can be…even now.

Life is ready when you are, Beautiful One. All of Life is at your command. You are here to experience Beauty beyond circumstance. 

Does it feel the opposite sometimes or all of the time? If so, I understand. So much has shifted and so quickly, since March 2020. 

You may have lost or been cut off from loved ones, your job, your social network, your sense of feeling like you know what’s coming/your ability to plan your life, your ability to travel…

Perhaps your health is in decline from the stress that has come with the collective reaction to COVID. Many people are gaining weight from emotional eating and being less active, and so chronic diseases are developing and/or worsening, which only heightens fear of COVID. Maybe you’ve been getting outside less, and even when you do you, you are not breathing fresh air. This perpetuates the stress response. 

When we’re stressed and in fear, we often do the opposite of what is good for us—what we actually need to do to feel better, to feel truly alive. 

Life is ready when you are, Beautiful One. 

Regardless of what you see happening “out there,” YOU are the creator of your own experience.

Not the government or the 1%, Love.


You get to experience yourself and the world through the perspective of your choosing, and this makes all of the difference in how you experience the events that are taking place in the world, in your community, in your family, and in your life. 

You get to choose. 

You may choose to see chaos in the unknown. You may choose to see the changes that have occurred and are coming as catastrophic. You may choose to see financial despair with no way out. You may choose to see the “end of days” as only death and destruction. 

Or…you may choose to see peace and perfection in the unknown.

You may choose to see a New Earth and New Human developing. You may choose to trust in the perfect unfolding of Life and to see all of these changes that have happened and are coming, as simply part of a greater design that is leading us into a much greater existence. 

You may choose to let go of how you think things should be and when they should happen, and simply trust in a greater Intelligence to sort it all out–not just for you, but for your loved ones and for all of humanity. 

You may choose to break free from the story that life has to be hard and open up to something entirely new.

How freeing does this feel? Try it on, just for now. 

You may choose to simply BE HERE NOW, in the present moment, prior to thought, in the space of infinite potential (the quantum field), rather than in a thought-created hallucination of the past, present, and future. 

You may choose to let go of the fear- and separation-based thoughts, so that you can See what is actually here, rather than the false reality that is being shown to you and is, in truth, simply a reflection of the limited beliefs you already unconsciously hold. 

You may choose to let go of your fear of death as an end and to embrace it instead, as a new beginning—a transition into another point of Awareness. 

You may choose to see Life as finite or as infinite. 

How you See makes all of the difference in your experience. 

And how you FEEL lets you know HOW you are SEEING. 

Tuning into your emotions and viewing them as a tool—as a barometer of Consciousness—will serve your ability to wake up from your limited conditioning. 

Instead of fearing your emotions, what if you welcomed them as simply feedback from your greatest ally in consciousness, the Body-Mind? 

What if instead of resisting your emotions, you allowed them to act as Wisdom, inviting you back to the peace and the power of the present moment? 

It takes awareness and practice of awareness to be able to recognize emotion as temporary energetic feedback about your temporary state of mind, rather than by default, assuming emotion (and the thoughts that precede them) to be your permanent reality. 

As Red Hawk states in, Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscience: An Owner’s Manual:

‘Emotion is energy in the body, measuring the amount of danger or love. Period. What I do with it depends on two factors:

1.) my received and constructed paradigm (= mental-emotional “construct”); that is, my conditioning and programming, which becomes a default position; 


2.) free attention of an awake and conscious person.” 

Our thoughts direct energy, either consciously or unconsciously. 

Are you consciously or unconsciously choosing the thoughts you will take yourself to be?

Are you consciously or unconsciously directing energy/emotion? 

At any moment, you can choose to create your desired experience. 

Whatever you are thinking and feeling in any moment IS your current reality; and you can and must choose what you are thinking and feeling, independent of circumstance, in order to have the experience you desire. So what does this mean for you in today’s world? 

It means that if you consciously choose to See the abundance, Beauty, perfection, support, and yes, even the vitality, that IS here at all times, just waiting to be REAL-ized, this is what you will experience, no matter what is happening and no matter what the rest of the humanity is collectively hallucinating. 

It also means that you can unconsciously choose to See lack, limitation, separation, impending doom, victimhood, and sickness. You can choose, albeit unconsciously,  to go along with the seemingly real (and again, these thoughts are real in your experience when you believe them) limited experience that the world is dreaming. 

So, what do you choose, Beautiful One? 

Life is ready to reflect your desired reality, when you are ready to believe in the power of your own mind; when you are ready to shed your limited unconscious programming and EMBODY conscious creativity; when you are ready to stop cutting off the Life Force with limited thinking and ALLOW Creative Intelligence to have its way with you, AS your life.  

If you choose to KNOW that you live in a field of infinite potential and to live your life in GRATITUDE for all of the abundance that is on offer, only Good can come to you and through you.

What is already yours, will now be able to find you, because you are now a vibrational match for it. 

This doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges. It just means that the silver lining of growth, transformation, and healing, will always be revealed through every challenge, and you’ll be expecting this, rather than always waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

This perspective will make all of the difference in your experience, AND it will open you up to the many gifts of Spirit constantly flowing in and finding you. 

I like to think of Life as a beautiful consciousness game, where the main goal is to see if we can stay conscious of what is actually here right now, and who and what we really are as powerful, infinite, limitless, loving beings, despite living in a shared hallucination that depicts the opposite. 

Can you stay conscious enough, Beautiful One, to not be deceived; to not be pulled in by the mind’s greatest fears and judgments, in reaction to the many deceptions, as you pass through this hall of mirrors we call Life? 

Can you stay conscious enough to remain true to your Nature and to receive your birthright of Bliss, beyond circumstance? 

This is the opportunity of the times.

This is all that is actually happening—an opportunity to choose Love over fear. Trust over anxiety. Peace over chaos. Vitality over sickness. 

What will you choose? 

What have you been choosing? 

What have you been creating, and what would you like to create? 

You get to choose. Yes, Even Now. This is how it works. No circumstance, ie., no virus, no economic depression, no NOTHING, will EVER change this. 

I hope this message serves you deeply. 

And as always, I invite you to dive deeply into the Work of becoming conscious of and removing the veils of illusion, so that you may live to your fullest potential in these challenging and deceptive times. 

Nothing is more important. 

If you are ready for this Work;  if nothing is more important to you now, than to truly know yourself and the power that you ARE, to move through these times with ease–with full access to Higher Intelligence and Innate Vitality; please feel free to schedule a FREE 90-minute Clarity Call with me, so that we may explore our fit and get clear on what it is you want to create, the obstacles in the way, and how our Work can dissolve these obstacles to reveal a life beyond your greatest imaginings.

Yes, Even Now. 

Loving you. CREATE a beautiful day and a beautiful life, because, why not? You have this power. You ARE this power. You may as well create consciously and InJOY this Life to its fullest, yes? 

Life is ready when you are, Beautiful One. 

Here’s to LIVING Life beyond the status quo. 

Infinite Blessings,

Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Holistic Nutritionist | Ceremonialist

Enlightened Wellness

Gourmet Healer, LLC

Student Journey Director

Transformative Coach Institute