Like It or Not…This is What You ARE

April 22nd, 2021 by admin

Hello, beautiful one! I hope you are enjoying all of this lovely spring energy and all of the opportunities for growth and expansion that have been coming your way during this time!

You might have noticed that I have not written much lately.

I’ve been in a flow of creation and also great learning.

I’ve been organizing my summer Women’s Shamanic Camping Retreat, and I also spent the last couple of weeks deeply engaged in learning the art of Shao-Lin Kung Fu, in preparation to test for both my yellow and blue belts.
I am happy to report that my hard work paid off, and I now have my blue belt…

but not for long, as the learning is never-ending, and there will be more testing soon…onward and upward!

I also leave next week for a 3-day shamanic nature solo, as well as to spend time in communion and ceremony with my shamanic study group.

My one-year program with The Power Path is coming to a close. It has been such a transformative experience, and I am looking forward to going deeper in my study of shamanism beyond this foundational year of study. 

That’s the update on me, for now. 🙂

I want to talk with you today about the concept of being a creator being.

Whether you like it or not, and whether you know it or not, this is what you are! 

As you know, I often write and teach about being a conscious creator. In doing so, I have come to realize that not everyone understands this concept in the way that I understand it, 

and therefore, not everyone receives the message in the way that it is intended. 

They are receiving it based on how they are viewing themselves. 

This was a BIG aha for me recently, and I’ve been reflecting on it a lot. 

There’s nothing I can do about how others receive my messaging, but I can help clarify the concepts I share for those who are interested in understanding. 

Many will understandably puzzle at the concept of conscious creation, because 

it is  a much more empowered view of ourselves than the victim programming we receive.

 Conscious creation runs completely contrary to the illusion of separation. 

And because separation and victimhood are the illusory dream of the world, there are many who resist the idea of conscious creation and will experience it as patriarchal, judgmental, self-important, and egotistical.

As painful as it can feel when others misunderstand us and judge us harshly, sometimes this is how we come to learn more about how people think and the level of consciousness from which our message is being received.

 I had an experience like this recently, and I can only be grateful for it, as it has helped me to come to some very important realizations: 

a.) How a person perceives a truth that is being shared, has everything to do with how they are seeing themselves, life, and….God.
b.) When a universal truth is shared, if a person is not hearing from the level of awareness that the message is being shared from and is not receptive to it, they will often innocently and unconsciously use it against the person who is sharing it, AND/OR, very often, they will use it against themselves. 

An example of the latter would be feeling ashamed that, ‘if it is true that I am a limitless creator being, and I am suffering, then there is something wrong with me for creating the experience I’ve been creating. 

And… how dare anyone put that on me by telling me that I am the creator of my experience!’

From the perspective of victimhood and separation, the above will be my interpretation.

The inner critic, if unchecked, will have a field day with this material!

But in truth, the perspective is shared from a place of oneness, non-judgment and unconditional love. 

All of our limited creations are born of innocent and unconscious misperceptions.

There is space for all of it, 

and we each have the opportunity to wake up at any moment, to the power we have to create AND to uncreate suffering.

To be more clear about how our perspective or level of awareness impacts how we interpret universal truths (and really anything), I want to share a bit about Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.

Maps help us to get the lay of the land/the big picture and give us a clear understanding about how to get from one place to another.  

Shamanic cosmology is very fond of maps, and from my study of shamanism over the past year, I have become very appreciative of them myself. 

Dr. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (first introduced in his book, Power vs. Force), shows us the different levels of consciousness, which illustrate how a person sees themselves and  God,  as well as the emotions that will be experienced at each level of awareness. 

A fear-based perspective always leads to us try to get or take Power (which is ultimately Love) from outside of ourselves, through Force. 

This is not even possible to do, as Power/Love only comes from within, but when we are caught up in the illusion of separation from God/Love, taking power or sourcing it from outside of ourselves somehow,  really does feel like the only way to come back into a state of feeling ok.

Innocent misperception. 

A Power/Love-based perspective, which operates from the frequency of oneness with God/Source/Love, creates the experience of true Power. 

There is no resistance with Love, because Love welcomes everything. 

There is no judgment, no guilt, no shame, no blame. 

We have a sense that all is rightness and perfection—even our greatest adversities and our most difficult relationships are perfect opportunities for greater awareness and growth. 

From this level of awareness, we are not seeing ourselves as separate from the infinite Source of Power/Love, and therefore, we are not innocently and unconsciously placing limits on how much Power/Love can flow through us and AS our life. 

From this space of awareness, we don’t try to make anything happen—we simply allow what wants to happen, to happen, and we trust that it’s all perfect and all good. 

Please understand that each “level”of consciousness is actually non-linear, meaning that we ALL go back and forth between the levels. 

We do not constantly live at one level of consciousness, or in one perspective, all of the time. 

Along the pathway of becoming a Self-realized, fully embodied Divine human, we have many moments of clarity that are followed by being pulled back down into habitual limited thinking/programming. 

This is absolutely perfect. 

The line from A to B is never straight. 

The road to Mastery is full of challenges that are perfectly designed to make us stronger and to sharpen our discernment and our adeptness at remembering our true limitless nature. 

If we can just remember that this is all that is ever actually happening…
We can remember—it just takes practice and immersing ourselves in this awareness through mentorship, sacred study, and spending time with others on this path. 

In this human experience, most of us are constantly inundated with the programming of victimhood and separation, 

And so it is very easy to forget that it’s all perfect, as we go about living our daily lives; 

In looking at the Map of Consciousness,  it is especially easy to forget that consciousness is non-linear and constantly in flux, because the map is arranged in a linear fashion. 

Nevertheless, please try to remember that human consciousness is non-linear. 

Remember that wherever you may find yourself on the map in any given moment, is a part of your perfect unfolding and is completely allowed. 

Simply becoming aware of your current state of mind, where you have been heretofore unaware, is a blessing and an opportunity to choose how you want to feel and what kind of experience you want to create. 

By the way, no one is more enlightened than anyone else, because ultimately each and every one of us is already enlightened. 

We are each simply learning to remember this and to consciously choose to live in this Self-awareness that we have already been endowed with. 

And…just because someone has been practicing spending more and more time in the perspective of Oneness with Source and they are exuding a high level of joy, gratitude, creativity, abundance, and zest for the gift of life, doesn’t mean they are looking down on anyone or are above anyone. 

If and when you find yourself judging yourself for not being at the level of consciousness that someone else currently is, let the very fact of this show you what level of awareness you are currently operating from—lack.

Rather than identifying with the current sense of lack that is arising and presenting itself as self-judgment and judgment of others, 

Let that sense of lack, which doesn’t feel good,  serve as a indicator light, supporting you to notice the level of awareness you are currently operating from. 

Just noticing this, offers you an opportunity to consciously choose to see beyond your current limited perspective and in doing so, to create a more expansive, loving, joyful experience.

It’s all about perspective. 

We see and experience life, according to how we are seeing ourselves in relation to God. 

Now, let me be clear about God–I am not referring to a man in the sky who judges us and either gives or withholds love and blessings, 

but rather, a Universal Intelligence that is infinitely creative and equally present within each of us and in all Life, and that all aspects of life are individualized expressions OF. 

I invite you to imagine the difference in one’s experience of life when holding the image of God as a loving, yet unpredictably wrathful judge in the sky, vs. an unconditionally loving, radically accepting, benevolent intelligence that we have eternal and inherent access to. 

It’s like night and day. 

Perspective really is everything. 

The lens you are viewing through is the most important factor in how you will interpret anything, whether it be truth or lies. 

Back to conscious creation:

Conscious creation is based on the understanding that

because we are unique emanations of God/Spirit/Source, which is infinitely Creative Intelligence…

…our consciousness is creative, too, 

and all of life/nature, including every cell in our bodies, is responsive to and programmed by our consciousness. 

This means that we have the ability to bend and co-create reality with our awareness–through what we are believing is possible in any given moment. 

It also means that ALL healing is possible. 

We are always creating, either consciously or unconsciously, because:

We are one with and not separate from God;
We ARE That I AM; 
We are each the Gods of our own realities.
We shape and experience how our lives unfold, based on how we are seeing ourselves and all that occurs. 

If we are seeing clearly, through the eyes of perfection, unconditional love and oneness with Source, our creations and our experience of all of creation will be beautiful and blissful. 

Even sickness can be seen as an opportunity for enlightenment, rather than a shameful unconscious creation. 

It’s all perspective. 

If we are not seeing clearly–through the lens of fear, lack, limitation, and separation from Source– our experience of our creations and of all of creation, will be one of suffering. 

The good news is, we can wake up to our power as creator beings at any time and choose to consciously co-create beauty, rather than unconsciously co-creating more suffering. 

We can choose to love What-Is, no matter what it is, and to see Life as happening FOR us and AS us, rather than TO us. 

This shift in perspective brings about great healing. I have witnessed it many times, in myself and in my clients.

Remember that in the frequency of Love/True Power, there is no blame. It simply does not exist. 

Blame and self-judgment are felt only from the perspective of fear and separation. 

If I see myself AS the God of my own reality, as one with Creator, and as such, as perfect, whole, and innocent,  

I will not feel judgmental of or offended by anything or anyone, because I’m not judging myself in the first place. 

Remember that all judgment is self-judgment. 

We are only ever feeling OUR “right now” thinking. 

So if you find yourself wincing at the idea that you are creating your reality, because perhaps you are currently feeling unwell, have a sick loved one, or are in the midst of chaos and unrest in your relationships,

let this be an opportunity to get curious about how you might be judging yourself, in order to feel judged, guilty, or not good enough. 

I invite you to consider that any self-judgment or casting judgment you are experiencing in response to the suggestion that you are creating your experience, is actually an opportunity to let yourself off the hook and to love yourself more. 

This is always the invitation.

The inner critic will try to convince you otherwise, but loving yourself more is always the invitation. 

I hope this message serves you deeply in some way. 

The Map of Consciousness offers me a sense of where I am at and where my clients are at on our journeys toward Self-Realization and Self-Mastery, in any given moment. It reminds me that there is always so much more on offer, when I or my clients are experiencing anything other than Love, joy, and bliss. 

BE Blessed,


If you are ready to step onto the path of Self-Mastery and Conscious Creation, I invite you to check out my Heart Warrior Intensive for Healers program. 

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