Listen to My Interview on The Prosperous Health Coach Summit

May 12th, 2020 by admin

Fellow health coaches, coaches of all kinds, healers, practitioners…those who are are in service to help others elevated their experience through improved emotional/spiritual and/or physical health and wellbeing:

You are invited to join a conversation of powerful, seasoned health coaches sharing their personal journey of building their health coaching business.  I was recently interviewed as a guest on The Prosperous Health Coach Summit by my friend Nanci Tunley and I can’t wait for you to listen.

>>>  It’s coming up on May 18th!

This summit is not about business strategies or building your email list. 

Those are important but there’s another important part of growing your businesses that sometimes doesn’t get enough attention. 

It’s the mindset and inner work!

Imposter syndrome…How do we finally feel ready and like we know enough?

Perfectionism….When will I finally be able to get out of analysis paralysis?

Overwhelm….What should I be working on and when?

Using your voice…How can I powerfully communicate my message without worrying about people disagreeing or judging me?

Owning your story….How can I share my whole story without shame?

The list goes on…..

There’s a saying out there that says you’ll never be able grow your business without personal growth as well. What does that mean exactly? 

I know you’ll find it incredibly helpful to hear what I have to say in my interview and from other successful health coaches and generous mentors who have a ton of wisdom to share as well. It starts May 18th! 

Reserve your spot here! 

EXTRA BONUS: The experts are sharing free gifts and resources designed to assist you on this journey at no extra cost when signing up today! 

I can’t wait  for you to check it out! 

Blessings & Be Well,


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