My Detox Confession & 3 Safe Detox Secrets

March 7th, 2017 by admin

I have a detox confession…

For years, I have been a big proponent of supporting bodily detoxification. I understand perfectly well what foods and nutrients support detoxification, and I am always recommending these foods to clients as a part of their individualized plan.

But…when it came to actual detoxing, as in juice fasts and such, I have been pretty hands-off.

You see, I always felt there was something missing–no reliable way to determine whether I, or my clients, could handle that level of fasting. And, in my functional medicine training, I was presented with research that showed that prolonged fasting speeds up Phase 1 liver detoxification, such that we are mobilizing toxins faster than we can clear them, as well as turning those toxins into more dangerous compounds than they were to begin with.

Yikes! That’s not a situation I want to create for myself or my clients. 

So, I actually held off for a long time, until recently, when I gained some more clarity on how to deeply detox, both safely and effectively. 

Here are my top 3 safe detox tips: 

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1.) I’ve long held that detoxing shouldn’t hurt.  Detox reactions (the flu-like symptoms and fatigue, and even vomiting and diarrhea in severe cases), aka: Herxheimer Reactions, or “herxing”,  shouldn’t be a part of detoxing. That, I just knew in my gut. And, as I learned recently from a mentor of mine, these can and should be avoided. If and when we start feeling detox symptoms, we can slow our detox down by eating more solid foods. I like the idea of being able to speed up and slow down detoxification at will and on an individualized basis.

2.) Protein matters. Having a little protein while fasting is a critical factor in safe detoxing and preventing that scary speeding up of Phase 1 liver detoxification. We can get that protein from greens powders, made with spirulina and chlorella. We can get protein from other sources as we are easing into our detox, but when we get into the “deep phase” of detoxing, as in consuming liquids only, the greens powders are where it’s at.

3.) pH matters.  Remember when I said that I always felt that there was something missing to help determine a person’s readiness for detoxing/fasting? Well, turns out it’s pH testing. pH testing via urine and saliva helps us to determine how acid or alkaline our tissues are, along with our individual readiness for deeper detoxing.

I’m telling you all of this partly because I want you to detox safely out there, AND partly because I want you to detox with ME!  

Starting on April 10th, I’ll be leading a 4-week online group course called MindBodyDetox. I’ll be teaching you (and hopefully your partner and/or friends, because social support is key) how to detox safely and effectively.

In order to detox your body, you also have to detox your mind, so we’ll address mindset in a BIG, focused way. 

This course will also address the emotional detox that is a crucial part of any physical detox. Most people don’t know how to detox their minds effectively.  I’m going to be teaching you exactly how to do this in the course, baed on the 3 principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, so that you have a tried and true way to free your mind of thought-based toxins, anytime, anywhere, no matter what. I can’t wait to dive into this with you!

I want you to know that this course will be housed within it’s own beautiful, easy-to-navigate website, will be password protected, with course modules and corresponding resources being time-released every Monday during the 4-week course, so you can view them when it’s convenient. We’ll have weekly Live Q and A calls, where you’ll get your questions answered and receive coaching from me.

Want to learn more?

I’ll be hosting 2 Live MindBody Detox Webinars in March, which you can go ahead and register for now: 
Thursday, March 23rd at 3:00 pm Mountain Standard Time (2 pm PST/4 pm CST/5 pm EST)
Monday, March 27th at 12 Noon, Mountain Standard Time (11 am PST/1  pm CST/ 2 pm EST)

I’m very excited to be offering this totally unique, LIVE group course. 

Every day we are bombarded with toxins, both environmental and emotional. It’s our task to learn how to support ourselves in reducing these toxins and moving them out–lightening the load on our bodies and minds, so that we can move about freely in this life with ease and grace. After all, that’s what allows us to serve others and ourselves in the best ways possible. I know we all ultimately want that,and I’m here to help you access that for yourself.

Please share this opportunity with your peeps! 🙂 

Here’s to wellness beyond the status quo!

Be well,