My Top 3 Tips to Make Intermittent Fasting Easier

February 19th, 2021 by admin

 Hello, Beautiful Soul! 

I hope you are having and CREATING a beautiful week…because you can.

In case you need reminding, you are constantly creating your experience. You are either creating it consciously or unconsciously.  

At ANY time, you can choose to shift your experience from “meh” or “why me?” to gratitude, joy, and personal sovereignty. 

Enlightenment is only ever one thought away. 

It is simply a choice that you make (if you are AWARE that you have a choice) about what thoughts you will choose to believe and focus your attention upon. 

You either focus unconsciously on fear-based, limited thoughts, which creates suffering; OR, you consciously DECIDE to focus your attention on thoughts that are based in unconditional love, gratitude, inspiration, and joy.  

I just HAD to remind you of this!   You are here to enjoy the gift of life, and it’s so easy to forget how powerful and blessed you are, when the world is constantly sending out the messaging of fear, lack, limitation, comparison, guilt, shame, and victimhood.  

Don’t take the bait. Create your experience consciously. 

The thoughts of the world that SEEM to be your own and that SEEM to mean something about you, actually mean nothing at all…except that you are being invited to love yourself for believing these thoughts to be true.  

I know you needed to hear that to some degree…we all do. Pretty constantly. So, you’re welcome… 

And with that said, I want to briefly follow up on last week’s message on Intermittent Fasting.  

I know most people are not even used to going the minimum 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, so a 14 or 16 hour fast might seem daunting.

That’s the feedback I’ve been getting, so I want to offer some support.  

Tips to Make Intermittent Fasting Easier 

 1. Initially, aim for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast with no food or caloric beverages.  

2. Once you’ve got that down, then you can try stretching it and eating breakfast an hour later than usual, until you get to your goal.  

3. If you feel really hungry and foggy leading up to breaking your fast, a liiiitle caffeine and a boost of ketones to use for energy can help: 

  •  Bulletproofing: If you’re used to a regular cup of coffee in the morning, fine, but if you’re like me and you cut caffeine out long ago, you could try quarter-caff or half-caff black coffee with 1-2 tsp of MCT oil blended in. The coffee plus the MCT oil boosts ketone production, so your brain and energy levels get a nice boost, among other benefits. You can also add a dollop of organic grass-fed butter or ghee, or coconut oil if you are vegan. I’ve been playing around with just MCT oil, personally. 
    • If you don’t want bring coffee back in, try bulletproofing white or green tea. 
  • Prebiotic Fiber: You can also add a prebiotic fiber to your coffee or to a glass of water, such as partially hydrolyzed guar gum (mixes really well), or a prebiotic fiber blend, such as MegaPre, from Microbiome Labs, which I take and recommend to my clients (reach out if you’d like a recommendation).
    • Prebiotic fibers are non-caloric and only digested by your good bacteria. They feed and support the growth of beneficial and keystone species in the gut and do not break your fast. These fibers will also support you in feeling satiated, thereby helping you reach your fasting goal of say 14 hours, or ideally, 16 hours. 
    • More on prebiotics next week! 
    • In the meantime, if you start a prebiotic (this often goes for probiotics, too), START LOW AND GO SLOW. Too much too fast can create very uncomfortable gas and bloating. 
  • Give yourself a break: You don’t have to be perfect with it everyday. You’ll still get lots of benefits if you commit to Intermittent Fasting 5 days a week and relaxing a bit with it on the weekends. 

I hope these tips are supportive for you! 

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Loving YOU.  

BIG Love and Blessings,


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

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