Private Shadow Work Intensive

Step into your authentic power and experience Life with more confidence, power, joy, ease, and trust!

Energy Exchange: 333

Valued at: 750

What to expect:

3-Weekly, 60-75 minute sessions

Feel a deep sense of peace, optimism, unconditional love, motivation to make necessary changes and face fears, and a new-found sense of sovereignty over your experience and emotions.

With each session, you will receive energy work, which opens you up to a high level of receptivity to the healing that wants to happen in you at this time; shamanic healing to further support clearing away of unconscious resistance to healing and change; transformative spiritual coaching; and a guided shadow work process to support you in understanding and transmuting your shadow parts.

For 24 hours before an after each session, you will continue to receive quantum healing through Angie.

You will receive one or more individualized practices to support you process, with each session.

This intensive a great way to do some very deep work, in a short amount of time, at a highly discounted rate, as well as a great way to know if investing in a committed 6 month or more, Shadow Work program with Angie will be a good fit for you.