Stop Fighting It!

October 19th, 2021 by admin

Hello, Beautiful One! 

Today I have a direct message from Spirit.  

Stop Fighting.  

You say you want to be free of the drama, free of the symptoms, free of the pain, free of the irritation and eruptions, unstuck… 

Stop fighting.  

This is all a sign that you are fighting and not…. 


Anytime we are suffering, we are not relaxing into Life and accepting What-Is.  

It’s easy to mistakenly believe that you’re suffering because of what’s happening,  

But the Truth is:  

What is happening is simply showing you that you are rejecting something  In your experience.  

And you are rejecting what’s happening in the outer,  

Because you are already rejecting whatever is arising in your inner  experience that you don’t want to feel.  

And whatever is arising that you don’t want to feel, 

You are believing to be true about you. 

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a problem.  

So, what is it then, that you don’t want to feel?  

What are you afraid is actually true about you and about Life,  

That you don’t want anyone to see or find out about,  

And that you wish would just go away?  

Stop fighting THAT.  


Because what you are fighting is not Reality.  

It has no real substance. It is an illusion, and fighting it is an energy leak.  

It’s not what is true, expansive, eternal, and changeless.  

It is thought and nothing other than thought.  

It is a limited, temporary energy.  

It has no power, except the power that you give it with your belief in it.  

When you stop identifying with thoughts and stories and simply allow them to be here…. 

When you allow your resistance to remind you to relax and Drop the story ABOUT and  feel the energy OF the:  

Pain (emotional or physical)






Pressure to perform or prove yourself worthy

Fear of vulnerability and being seen

Fear of losing control 

Fear of failure

Fear of lossFear of rejection… 

You will find that it effortlessly dissolves. 

When you truly drop all thoughts ABOUT the emotions, the memories replaying, and the sensations that arise,  

You allow yourself to have a direct experience of the energy itself. 

And from here, what happens is, the energy burns up. 

It runs its course, which is all it ever wanted to do in the first place. 

Emotions are temporary, limited energies that come and go,  

And when you identify with them and as them, and mistakenly see them as permanent,  

They actually cannot go anywhere.  

Your mind is that powerful.  

You are the creator of your experience, after all, and you can only ever feel the thought that YOU are holding in mind.  

This is the nature of experience. 

In other words, YOU are creating the experience of everything I listed above and more.  

YOU are creating your own suffering. 

And that is nothing to be ashamed of. It is only something to become aware of, 

So that you can start choosing to create a Beautiful Dream, rather than a nightmare.  

What also happens when that energy burns up is that,  

You have a direct experience of what is ACTUALLY Here Right Now,  

Prior to all of the thoughts, memories, future projections, emotions, and sensations.  

You have a direct experience of:  

The Void.  

The space of No Thing.  

Pure conscious Awareness, that was never born and will never die.  


Which knows no sickness, no pain, no fear, no sadness, no judgment, no addiction….It just IS.  

That is who and what you really are.  

The Awareness that it’s all appearing TO.  

When you have a direct experience of your True Nature,

NOW everything can change. NOW you have a choice. 

((Let me be clear, that is probably not what is happening right now in your reading of these words. 

We are talking and you are thinking ABOUT your True Nature. 

This is not a direct experience, but awareness that it’s possible, IS a step closer.))  

When you have a direct experience of your True Nature, even for a split second,  

NOW you know—really know—what is actually possible, and what is actually Here: 

NOW you know what you can relax INTO,  

When resistance, struggle, suffering, drama, confusion, and chaos arise.  

NOW you know what you are being asked to surrender into, T

o let guide you and inform you, one insight at a time; 

To commit yourself to fully, 

Rather than the limited conditioning that keeps you seeking Love outside of yourself, 

And therefore, keeps you suffering and living your own unique (but really not so unique) 

Brand of suffering. 

You are being called BY your suffering to directly experience Self. 

Inward is the way out.  

Nothing “out there” is going to save you.  

Self is the one you’ve been waiting for.  

Self is not the personality that you call by the name you were given or that you chose.  

Self is what we can call Essence (although it cannot be contained in a name) 

When you have a direct of experience of Essence, 

through your willingness to directly experience all that is arising in your experience,  

What is revealed is Y

our true, limitless, powerful, relaxed, loving, inherently safe, healed, and whole Nature.  

And when you wake up to your True Nature,

and start spending more and more time identified as  Who and what you truly are,  

The way you show up in the world and to your life, your body, your relationships, your work—everything…CHANGES. 

Your entire experience will completely transform.  

Your frequency will become elevated and illuminated.  

All that is not in alignment will fall away,  

And all that IS in alignment with your elevated frequency (all of the gifts that Spirit wants you to have) 

Can now find you.  

Now, please don’t hear me wrong. I’m not saying there won’t be challenges,

and that the essential destructive force that is complimentary to creation, will cease. 

 It won’t.  

But your experience of it WILL.  

How you move through times of destruction and transition (ie., the times we’re living in)

will change. 

You will move through it all with much more ease, understanding, and with a peace that supersedes the limitation of the intellect. 

Holding space for the direct experience of Self is a key aspect of Transformative Coaching.  

If you are ready to completely transform your experience of Life,  

Why wait any longer?  

What could be more important, more of a priority, 

Than living from the overflow of your True Nature?  

I am here to support you in doing exactly this. 

This is what happens when you commit yourself to the Work of Transformative Coaching. 

I can’t promise you that all you’ll need is 6 months, but I can promise you that if you commit yourself fully to your Awakening process and to showing up fully to our Work together,  

Everything will change for the better, in ways you can’t even imagine right now, even in your wildest dreaming.  

THIS IS my medicine, as a Transformative Spiritual Coach and Shamanic Practitioner.  

THIS IS what happens when you step fully into a sacred container with me. 

 If you’re ready to create an entirely new experience of Life…

If you’re ready to END suffering and stagnation in your experience…

If you’re ready to stop rotting on the vine, 

Misusing your time and energy here in this lifetime, 

Which is very short, and instead…step into your FULLNESS, 

Schedule a Clarity Call with me. 

Even if it’s the only call we ever have together, it can be life-changing, so there’s nothing to lose.  

May this message serve you deeply.  

May this transmission penetrate the layers upon layers of illusion and limited conditioning,

and resonate with the part of you that wants to be expressed fully and joyfully.  

Loving YOU, 


P.S.—The Shamanic Healing Clinic that I am offering on October 23rd in Albuquerque is full, but if you’d like to be on the waitlist,

or if you’d like to schedule a regular session with me, either in-person or virtually, 

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Regular sessions are 45 min at $80, and include the use of sacred tobacco for cleansing, clearing and protection (raising frequency); traditional feather work, personalized medicine songs and sound healing, and other ally work to restore energy to its natural blueprint and connection to Spirit. 

Shamanic Healing Work is a perfect compliment to any physical, emotional, or spiritual work you are doing with me or any other practitioner to: 

  • Heal trauma
  • Clear stuck energy and “susto” 
  • Improve your physical and mental health
  • Increase your sense and experience of personal power and self worth
  • Feel lighter and happier 
  • Ease or eliminate acute and chronic pain and symptoms and heal the root cause 
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  • Release fear, shame, guilt, etc. 
  • Consciously create a new story and experience of Life
  • Break limited patterns and addictions
  • Dissolve limited familial & ancestral patterning 
  • Raise your frequency
  • Protect and master your energy 
  • Step into your personal power
  • Clear emotional and energetic blocks to full expression 
  • Move through life transitions 
  • Integrate downloads from medicine work and other initiatory life experiences  

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