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  • 3 Things That Will Transform Your Life & Health

    Hello, Beautiful One!  Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or even months or years where you just felt like nothing was going your way, and you felt so heavy and down-and-out?   I certainly have.   It’s easy during those times to wonder what’s wrong with you and then to come up with a…

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  • Timed eating to help heal your gut, restore your microbiome, boost energy, and turn back the clock.

    Hello, Beautiful One!  Today, I want to shift things up and talk about the best way to calm inflammation, boost your energy, heal your digestion, trim excess fat, and turn back the clock.  As a functional nutritionist who is on the path of self-realization, it is very clear to me, that nutrition is the gateway drug to…

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  • Why Diet & Lifestyle Changes Will Never Be Enough

    Hello, Beautiful Soul. It is very apparent to me that now more than ever, we need to be choosing the messaging we receive very carefully. Every day, more and more of us are feeling guided to put empowered messaging out there–to be a part of the solution. One GREAT reason to stay on social media…

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