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  • My Top 3 Tips to Make Intermittent Fasting Easier

     Hello, Beautiful Soul!  I hope you are having and CREATING a beautiful week…because you can. In case you need reminding, you are constantly creating your experience. You are either creating it consciously or unconsciously.   At ANY time, you can choose to shift your experience from “meh” or “why me?” to gratitude, joy, and personal sovereignty. …

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  • Timed eating to help heal your gut, restore your microbiome, boost energy, and turn back the clock.

    Hello, Beautiful One!  Today, I want to shift things up and talk about the best way to calm inflammation, boost your energy, heal your digestion, trim excess fat, and turn back the clock.  As a functional nutritionist who is on the path of self-realization, it is very clear to me, that nutrition is the gateway drug to…

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