Tag: shamanism

  • Stop Fighting It!

    Hello, Beautiful One!  Today I have a direct message from Spirit.   Stop Fighting.   You say you want to be free of the drama, free of the symptoms, free of the pain, free of the irritation and eruptions, unstuck…  Stop fighting.   This is all a sign that you are fighting and not….  Relaxing.   Anytime we are…

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  • 3 Things That Will Transform Your Life & Health

    Hello, Beautiful One!  Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or even months or years where you just felt like nothing was going your way, and you felt so heavy and down-and-out?   I certainly have.   It’s easy during those times to wonder what’s wrong with you and then to come up with a…

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  • Like It or Not…This is What You ARE

    Hello, beautiful one! I hope you are enjoying all of this lovely spring energy and all of the opportunities for growth and expansion that have been coming your way during this time! You might have noticed that I have not written much lately. I’ve been in a flow of creation and also great learning. I’ve…

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