Tap This Ancient Wisdom to UNLOCK Your Potential

January 19th, 2021 by admin

Hello, Beautiful One. How is your 2021 so far? 

Are you feeling the anxiety, fear, and overwhelm of the collective? 

Perhaps you’re feeling this and thinking that it’s yours. 

It is not. 

You have a choice in how you move through these interesting times. 

There is a lot of opportunity here—particularly the opportunity to show yourself how resilient and powerful you are, and how connected you are to all of Life.

Speaking from my own experience, the past year has been incredible. While we were all supposed to be feeling powerless, disconnected, limited, and locked down, I have felt more empowered, more connected to Self, Source, and Soul Tribe, and more FREE, than I have EVER felt. 

I feel SO blessed, and I know that I am the one who has blessed myself, by trusting Life, trusting and loving the body-mind,  trusting in the power of my own mind, delving into my spiritual and physical practices and sacred study, and committing myself fully to receiving the mentorship and support that I have needed, in order to clearly discern and be led by The Heart’s Wisdom.

When Life seems to be clamping down and options and resources seem limited, this is an opportunity for us to get curious about what, in our thinking, is causing us to have the experience that we are having. 

If I am feeling limited in my ability to experience, say abundance or connection, why is that? 

What must I be believing about myself, in order to feel this way?  

Why ask this question? 

I inquire, not out of blame, but out of the understanding that I AM the creator of my own experience at all times; and the thoughts I hold in mind direct energy and determine how I experience the world around me, not to mention how the world around me materializes to reinforce and reflect my beliefs about myself. 

With this in mind…

What if all you need to do to have a different experience of the lockdowns and the implied restrictions on commerce, travel, socialization, and connection with other humans, etc., is to See yourself and LIFE differently?

What if it didn’t occur to you to take yourself to be limited in the face of this pandemic? As a victim of Life?

What if you could only See yourself as healthy, resilient, adaptable, connected, powerful, and existing in a field of infinite possibility? 

You know, this may come as a surprise, or be feel hard to truly believe, but…all of Life and all of Nature, including the body-mind, AND including microbes, plants, animals, elements, etc., are ALL at your service.

 They are responsive to your consciousness.

This is because you have Creative Consciousness, as a sentient being, made in the likeness of Spirit. 

This is what that saying, “made in the likeness of God,” from the Bible, really means.

The truth has been hidden in plain sight. 

ALL of nature is just simply waiting for you to direct your attention to it in acknowledgment of its willingness to be of service to you. 
The shamans and the keepers of ancient wisdom have known this all along. 

When you start to consciously connect with your body-mind and with the natural world, and you start thanking it and asking for and affirming its support, that support is given to you. 

Ask and you shall receive. And this is what THAT saying means, you see…

You have so much more power than you have been acknowledging, Love, and it is time to step into the sovereignty you’ve been granted over your experience— regardless of how things appear. 

There is NO personal Work more important than the work of SELF realization and actualization.

You came here to master your mind, SO THAT you can fully enjoy the gift of being Spirit in-bodied. 

SO THAT…you can finally feel FREE, empowered, and supported, and experience the joy and abundance you signed up to experience in this lifetime. 
I honestly don’t think that if you are reading this, you signed up to suffer. I just don’t…I believe you signed up to THRIVE! 

Being the highest embodiment of YOU, might look like being a deeply present and patient parent, a healer, a coach, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a legislator, a lawyer, a judge, a yoga, music, or art teacher, an artist…you get the idea—however you are called to create, connect, and BE Love.

The thoughts, limited stories and interpretations, judgments, that get in the way of you showing up fully to what you are called to do, is what you are here to chip away at, so that the masterpiece that is YOU can be revealed. 

You may be really good at what you do, but if you are judging yourself as not good enough or not deserving to be in the role that you are in, and if you are innocently and unconsciously projecting that self-judgment out onto others, including the ones you serve…then your light will be dimmed. 

You may be a wonderful and even “successful” healer or coach, but if you are living in fear of your own body and judging yourself for experiencing certain symptoms or conditions, then you won’t be able to help your clients fully until you resolve this within your own mind first. 

You may a super mama, but if you are super mama-ing in reaction to the inner critic, your love will be distorted and not actually received in its highest intended vibration. 

You may be a very skilled front lines nurse or healthcare worker, but if you are afraid to die and/or you are afraid the person in front of you is going to die (or bracing for the worst possible outcome), then you will not be the most beneficial presence you can be in the role that you are in. 

You may be doing all of the right things to heal yourself naturally from autoimmunity or cancer, but if you are constantly attacking yourself, still nursing old wounds, believing your body is against you, or that something is wrong with you…your treatment plan, no matter how advanced it is, will fall short. 

The body– as well as Life and all of our relationships– reflects the state of mind. 

If you didn’t come here to go around being half-lit…
If you didn’t come here to live as a victim of Life…
If you came here to be the fullest expression of power and Love possible… 
If you came here to be something uniquely magnificent the world has never quite seen…

Then your Work is to master the art of allowing The Heart’s Wisdom lead, rather than constantly falling prey to the voice of fear, lack, separation, and limitation (the head). 

In order to be all that you came here to be, your task is the take the journey from the head to The Heart. 

And if you would like support in this— because trust me, this is not easy Work to undertake on one’s own and without mentorship and community— I would like to invite you to my one-on-one Heart Warrior Intensive. 

This is a 6 month transformative mentorship program that will bring you fully into your Kingdom or Queendom—as the sovereign creator of your own experience, and the fearless and benevolent presence that you came here to be. 

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This intensive is a sacred container that will foster and accelerate your spiritual and personal growth in a very powerful way. Don’t schedule a Clarity Call unless you KNOW you are READY to uplevel your experience and the level of Love and service that you offer the world. 

I hope this message serves you deeply, today and always. 

Here’s to Life beyond the status quo. 

Blessings, Angie

P.S.–I’m heading out of the country for the next week, so thanks for your patience in hearing back from me,  if you reach out with questions about the Heart Warrior Intensive! 

Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

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