The AIP RESET Challenge

March 14th, 2016 by admin

Would you like to do a Functional Nutrition Detox to reverse inflammatory symptoms and heal your digestive tract? 

Furthermore, how about doing that with the support of other people like you, who want to up-level their experience of their body and their life; who want to understand how they can heal themselves for a life full of vitality; who don’t want to be dependent upon medications and their side effects; who are tired of feeling tired and in pain, and tired of being captive to their symptoms of dis-ease; and who also know that they need an expert to guide them and teach them through the process,  in order to make it happen WITHOUT mass confusion and frustration and WITH precision and completion?

As most of you know, I highly recommend the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) as an anti-inflammatory, detox-friendly and gut-healing diet. It works really well on many levels, and it’s the elimination diet I use with my VIP clients. AIP is one of those diets that no one wants to do alone, and I realize that not everyone is up for the intensity of my one-on-one 90-Day VIP Healing Intensive right off the bat, in order to get the help they want and need. 

After months of kicking it around in my head and getting nowhere, the idea of offering a group AIP detox of sorts, insightfully came together for me last week at 5:30 am during meditation. It must be the whole “spring into action” energy of Spring, because everything is clicking, and suddenly I feel that NOW is the time to do this.

This virtual group program will not be as highly individualized as my 90-Day VIP Healing Intensive, but it may be just what you need right now, and I will be offering some options for tailoring the process to your individual needs. 

I know a lot of people are feeling the same way right now, like it’s time to put into action what you’ve been thinking about and putting off for months AND to let go of that which is no longer serving you. For many of you, the very thing you’ve been putting off is figuring out what’s happening in your body and what needs to happen to bring both your body and spirit back into balance. Maybe you’ve put it off because you’re confused and don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve tried eliminating foods before, but you still felt bad. Maybe you just haven’t found a Functional Medicine practitioner to really help you put it all together to heal your gut and extinguish the major sources of excess inflammation. Maybe every time you get started, you get derailed for some seemingly very good reason.

Whatever your reasons, if you’re feeling that sense of urgency to get your health under control, there is a reason you are reading this right now, and I hope you’ll answer the call by joining me and others like you in The AIP RESET Challenge.

This will be a beta-test version of the program, so your investment in this 4-week program, which includes 4 live weekly calls for education and support, a private Facebook community, and meal plans/recipes, is only $47. I hosted an information call yesterday. Here it is! Registration closes this Thursday, 3/17/16. Register by clicking the PayPal button.

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Feel free to share this information with a friend who is struggling with their health and wants to be set on the right path! Keep in mind, you do not need to have an autoimmune disease diagnosis to benefit from AIP. Read more here, where I explain why, as a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, I recommend AIP as the ultimate anti-inflammatory elimination diet and “detox” diet. You may also visit my homepage to download my free guide to Healing Heartburn Holistically and join my email list for future updates and information.

I hope to see you Monday on our first call/webinar. Playback will be made available for every call, if you cannot make it live.

Here’s to wellness BEYOND the status quo! 

Health & Happiness,