THE Key to Raising Your Frequency and Living the Life of Your Dreams

July 9th, 2021 by admin

Hello, Beautiful One!  

Having and creating the life, work, and relationships of your dreams–a life of abundance, personal power, deep connections, pleasure, meaningful contributions and service, vitality, peace, and joy–requires raising your frequency.

Raising your frequency is all about releasing conditioned lower vibrational thoughts, beliefs, and patterning, so that new, higher frequency thoughts, beliefs, and patterns, replace the old. 

You can temporarily raise your frequency by thinking positive thoughts, eating high-vibe foods, holding certain elements, and doing certain practices,  for instance, but in order to actually raise your frequency and have it STICK, well…

you need to be in the practice of doing effective shadow work. 

That’s the bottom line. 

 If you pay attention to indigenous medicine ways and medicine songs, as I have been over the past couple of year, you will notice that this is what shamanic and traditional healing is all about:

Cleaning out/releasing “hoocha” (lower vibrational energies, which are always rooted in limited conditioned belief)

And calling in the “sami” (high frequency energies/perspectives).

In case you are wondering, the words I use here are from the Shipibo language, and which I tend to use, as my teachers have studied with medicine people of this Amazonian tribe for over 30 years. There are other ways to say the same thing, throughout the various indigenous healing traditions. 

This is why doing the work of being with your shadow parts… 

 those parts of you that are unloved and stuck in limited perception… 

 is the most important thing you can do to raise frequency and live a life of personal power, abundance, freedom, vitality, and harmony. 


 The most powerful and effective way to do your shadow work is in a sacred, highly intentional container

with a guide who can support you in:

  • getting quiet, still, and self-observant enough; 
  •  and into a non-judgmental and self-aware state of mind, so you can notice and truly BE with the shadow parts that are coming up to be embraced, loved, and transformed. 

This is SUPER IMPORTANT, because–and be honest with yourself–how many times have you sat down to be with your difficult emotions, only to be completely overwhelmed by them, or just flat out distracted and doing no real work at all? 

Shadow work is actually pretty simple, but few people actually know how to do it effectively, and even when we do, we need help getting calm, relaxed, and present enough to:

  • Notice what is coming up to be healed/loved,
  • See it for what it is,
  • Let go of our unconscious identification with it and our resistance to feeling it,
  • And feel SAFE in welcoming the shadow parts, stories, and emotions into our experience.

Doing your shadow work with a guide, can be THE key to doing your shadow work effectively. 

In addition to holding powerful space and supporting deep internal healing and releasing, 

it’s also really helpful and effective to work with a guide who can weave in and continually reinforce the shamanic perspective and tie in powerful shamanic healing modalities, including:

  • shamanic practices, journeying and visualizations that support self-realization, shadow work, and raising your frequency
  • singing powerful medicine songs (icaros) 
  • shamanic prayer work
  • working with spiritual and elemental allies, 
  • and offer remote limpia work (cleaning, clearing, cutting energetic chords, and raising frequency).

If this kind of work interests you, please know that I offer this work in one on one and small group programs, virtually. I also offer in-person shadow work retreats, VIP Nature Healing Sessions, and my partner and I are co-creating ceremonial retreat offerings for couples, as well as co-ed retreats.

Stay tuned for more!

My container has expanded, and the powerful Transformative Coaching and healing work that I do, now includes shamanic healing.

I still offer functional nutrition counseling secondarily, when needed, although as I’ve said many times, Root Cause Medicine led me beyond the physical, to addressing the root of the root, which is always emotional/spiritual in nature.

This is my true calling and my true passion. I would love to share it with you, if you are called to receive it! 

I have a couple more spots open for my Women’s Shamanic Camping Retreat in mid-August, so if this calls to you, please reach out to me for the information.

Registration ends TOMORROW, Saturday, July 10th! 

Here’s to living life beyond the status quo.   

Loving you.  

BE blessed,