There is no enemy

April 1st, 2020 by admin

I want to speak to something that I have been noticing in my own experience and in the experience of my clients and with many others. Perhaps you are noticing and experiencing this, too:

It’s the human tendency of getting caught up in compelling narratives that reinforce the idea of an “other” and in particular, an “oppressor.”

If you are feeling this way, in your experience, who or what is the oppressor?

Is it COVID-19, China, Russia, “the deep state”, The Illuminati, Central Banking, Big Pharma, your partner, your children, your boss, your co-workers, your friends, or some other group or race of people? 

I’m not denying that there are those who bring harm to others, or are out to serve their own interests at the expense of millions or other individuals.

That being said, no matter what is happening and no matter how you slice it, the fact of the matter is this:

It is incredibly disempowering to see yourself through the lens of victimhood.

There’s no way out, except perhaps Divine intervention (which isn’t always fun) when we see through this lens. What we experience when we see from this vantage point are fear, struggle, suffering, fighting, attack, defense, and sickness of the body and mind.

That’s no fun at all, and the fact that it’s not pleasurable, lets you know that your perspective is limited. 

When your are seeing from the vantage point of victimhood, from this place of fear and survival mode, you are not seeing clearly. You do not see the full range of options and solutions available to you. Your perspective becomes very narrowed, and your IQ plummets. You make decisions that do not support your survival, which is ironic, because when are in caught up in fear, what we are wanting most is to survive. 

Your immune system and other body systems also become compromised. 

If and when you find yourself feeling vulnerable, like a helpless victim to the virus or some other entity you are perceiving as a threat, which is understandable, I want to invite you to simply notice yourself having the experience you are currently having. 

Do you feel empowered or disempowered by the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing?

If you feel disempowered, then I invite you to take a breath. 

I invite you to notice whether or not you can say with 100% certainty that the thoughts you are thinking and the narratives you are fixating upon are true. 

If you cannot say with 100% certainty that these thoughts and narratives are true, then what else is possible? 

Could you let these thoughts go, just for now, so that you can have a direct experience of the myriad other possibilities that exist? 

When you fixate on fear- and victim-based thoughts, it’s impossible to see things any other way. Even your best intentions become contaminated by unresolved fear and victim mentality. 

So, just for now, could you look up at the blue sky, take some deep belly breaths, and let these thoughts go, so that you can entertain what else is possible? 

Could you allow yourself to entertain what is actually here right Now and actually true?

Here are some truths that have come through in the many guided journeys I have facilitated as a Transformative Coach:

‘I get to choose how I experience life. 

I am safe in my Divinity.

All experiences, thoughts, and emotions are temporary; therefore, it is safe to feel what I am feeling. 

Surprisingly, when I allow myself to feel my feelings, I return to a state of peace, unconditional love, safety, and relief. 

I am eternal. Death does not mean separation from God/Life/Love, but a returning to the full recognition of At-One-ment.

No matter what happens, whether I am here on Earth or beyond, I am with God. 

Death itself is not terrifying, but in fact, a relief. It is only my thoughts about death that are scary. 

My belief that I am safe and my surrender to Divine Grace allows me to have a beautiful experience, regardless of circumstances. 

Feeling good is my true nature. 

I create my own experience. I can only feel like a victim when I am seeing myself as a victim. I can set myself free anytime.’ 

How do I know these are true?

Because when these truths are realized in the moment, they bring a great sense of relief. When we come back to the full recognition of our True Nature, we deeply know that all is well and that we are safe, regardless of how things appear. 

The truth always feels like relief. Limited perspectives always create some kind of pinch. 

So, next time you notice the contraction, the clenching, the clinging, the rejecting, the attachment, the aversion…

Let this be your cue to Pause.
Let this be your cue to Breathe.
Let this be your cue to Allow.

Allow it all to move through you, knowing that it’s all just limited energy that just needs to pass through. It needs to be welcomed.

When you welcome your fears and sense of victimhood with awareness, by allowing yourself to consciously witness and radically accept your experience, you will find that the fears and that sense of victimhood naturally dissipate. 

As you are witnessing the disempowering emotions, sensations, and thoughts, I invite you to breathe deeply and consciously and to say to yourself, 
“I allow myself to feel this way”
“I love myself for feeling this way.”

Or, you can say the simple phrases of Ho’oponopono: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Say these as many times as you need to say them and simply watch your experience. There is nowhere to arrive, just notice and allow. 

When you shift your focus to consciously allowing yourself to have the experience you are having and unconditionally loving yourself for it, some kind of deep wisdom that can’t be accessed from fear and victimhood, will emerge. It’s not something you need to try to come up with or force–it will simply be given to you as your fully surrender to the experience. 

Maybe that wisdom will be something completely revolutionary…or maybe that wisdom will just be a message to slow down, create space, breathe, and BE—to surrender to what’s happening, and allow it to transform you and our world, rather than trying to find someone or something to fight. 

You won’t know how good this can feel, until you truly settle down and try it out.

If you just can’t get in the space for it; if you just can’t settle your mind no matter how hard you try, that’s a sure sign that need help switching your nervous system and coming into the present moment.

While certainly there are many tools out there that can be helpful, at certain times in our lives, we need a guide who can hold the space for us in a way that we haven’t yet learned to do on your own or at least, consistently. There’s nothing wrong that. You’re always right where you need to be.

That being said, I want to offer a reminder that my services are “pay what you can” right now, and there’s never been a better time to reach out to me for support.

If you’d like to schedule a healing session with me, for yourself, or for you and 1-2 loved ones or co-workers, please reach out.

If you’d like to do some deeper unraveling over time, because you know that’s what it’s going to take to be able to become truly grounded in your life and through this uncertain and unprecedented time of collective and individual transformation, please reach out to me. My 6-month Inner Work transformative coaching package is also available with a “pay what you can” option. 

If you’d like to connect for a session or explore the possibility of longer-term healing work, please fill out a clarity form first, and please let me know when you do. I would love to be of support to you. 

Either way, I hope this message serves you deeply.

Sending you so much love and infinite blessings. 

Loving you,

Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Functional Medicine Nutritionist | Ceremonialist

Enlightened Wellness

Gourmet Healer, LLC

Student Journey Director

Transformative Coach Institute