Unraveling Disease: The Functional Nutrition Play By Play

September 7th, 2016 by admin

If you’ve got nagging symptoms of ANY kind or a diagnosis, you’ve got inflammation.

Now, inflammation isn’t so bad in and of itself. We need it to heal from in acute injuries, in fact. However, if we become chronically and systemically inflamed due to core imbalances, that’s when symptoms arise and the disease process is under way. Our core imbalances are often never questioned, and so they stay H.I.D.D.E.N.

We can develop core imbalances in these 6 main areas:
Immune System
Neurotransmitter function

We can develop core imbalances in these, due to any combination of the 5 major S.T.A.I.N. root causes, which stands for: 

Nutrient deficiencies

Inflammation, which is a core imbalance (Immune) that may arise from any combination of the above root causes, becomes even more of a problem when your immune system attacks your own tissues, which we see in autoimmunity–the loss of tolerance to self. This happens in those with the right genetic susceptibility, the right triggers and a leaky gut or compromised intestinal lining (which happens as a result of or in conjunction with STAIN).

This is the 3-legged stool of autoimmunity. Knowing what causes it, is the key to unraveling it. 

So, how do we balance our immune system to get back to a state of homeostasis, or vital health? We look beyond diagnoses,seeking to translate our symptoms into our core imbalances and their root causes (STAIN).

My combination of root causes will be different than yours. We may have the same general root causes, but some will be more prominent for you than for me and vice versa. No two individuals are alike, and the investigation and the plan for recalibration is all about personalization.

In Functional Nutrition, which follows the principles of Functional Medicine (root cause medicine), we look to the gut first, especially in immune system rebalancing, because up to 80% of the immune system is housed in the gut. It has to be that way, because your gut is the primary barrier between you and your outside environment.

When your gut lining becomes compromised due to STAIN and resulting gut microbial imbalances, it starts letting more pass into your bloodstream than it should, your immune system gets alerted, and you start having reactions to everyday foods and substances, as well as having to deal with more toxins (which leads to more inflammation and nutrient depletion…it’s a vicious cycle!).

You don’t connect your reactions/symptoms to your foods, because often they are delayed for hours and even days. Pretty soon, you don’t know where things went wrong, and you are angry at your body for turning against you. 

In reality, your body has not turned against you…it’s trying to tell you that something is wrong, and it’s not going to be quite until you make the necessary changes that will restore balance to your system. In our current society and under the current medical model, however, what most bodies get is merely symptom suppression with medications that often do more harm than good and lead to more symptoms and further depletion and disease.

That doesn’t have to be you. You can address your symptoms and diagnoses at their roots.

What your body wants is for you to clear infections, optimize your digestion, slow down and manage stress in healthy ways, get regular time in nature and with friends and loved ones; eat a diet that’s right for your genes and rich in nutrients and be smart about supplements, in order to heal your gut and correct nutrient deficiencies; optimize your blood sugar, move and sweat often, hydrate well, minimize your toxic burden and optimize detoxification and sleep deeply and enough. Did I leave anything out?? That’s the bulk of it. There has to be an acronym in there somewhere…

What your body wants sounds simple, but there’s a lot to understanding how to map it all out and implement it in a way that works for you and is prioritized in a manner that will serve you best.

If you have inflammatory symptoms and/or diagnoses of any kind, and you’d like to heal yourself and avoid being dependent upon drugs that lead to more drugs and more disease (not that there’s no place for medications at times), I highly recommend that you work with a health professional trained in Functional Medicine and/or Functional Nutrition. I am trained in both. Find out more about my services here. 

If the group setting is where it’s at for you, I have a group experience coming up on October 17th, and it’s all about taking you and others like you, through the Functional Nutrition approach to quieting inflammation and/or autoimmunity of ANY kind, and restoring your vitality and zest for life. 

Find out more by downloading my free E-Book on Unraveling Disease, and receive updates about the October 4th Preview Call and Root Cause Reset registration. 

Over 6 weeks, you will GENTLY transition you into a healing, anti-inflammatory diet that works for YOU, meaning that you won’t all end up in the same place with your diet.That’s not the point. The point is to focus on cleaning up your diet of processed foods, balancing your blood sugar, and becoming a more mindful eater, accompanied by taking out the top 3 inflammatory foods.

For those who need more for symptom resolution and healing, you’ll have the opportunity to dial your diet in more deeply.  I’ll teach you how to determine whether you need to, and give you the resources you’ll need to do it. Some of you will already be dialed in from the outset, and for you, you’ll get the ongoing professional and social support that you need to keep trucking along your path.

I’ll also be giving you some powerful self-assessment tools and teaching you the principles of Functional Nutrition, so that you understand how to identify and address YOUR root causes. And, of course, we will ALL be working on better self-care and stress management habits, right out of the gate.

Sound cool? It will be. Stay tuned, and I’ll be sharing details soon. 

I hope this serves you well. Here’s to wellness BEYOND the status quo!

Be Well,

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