What the Forest Taught Me

August 13th, 2019 by admin

It’s been a beautiful, magical Summer for me, and I hope you have deeply enjoyed yours!


I was blessed to travel a lot and to travel abroad (Bali!), but the most powerful experiences for me this Summer were my experiences in the forest, practically in my own back yard.

My very first trip of the Summer, and the one I want to share with you today, was a shamanic, 3 day/3 night nature solo, not too far away from home, on sacred land in the mountains surrounding Mora, New Mexico.

Before I speak to this, I want to preface by telling you that before I went on this trip, my relationship with and my ability to hear my body’s wisdom deepened drastically one day, a few weeks before leaving, as I was perplexed about why I was having gum inflammation (because I take good care of them). I got the guidance I was wanting when I let go of trying to figure it out with my thinking mind, and simply relaxed and thanked my body for always showing me what I needed to work on at the level of consciousness. 

As soon as I expressed my gratitude for my body’s wisdom and unwavering support, I heard a firm voice that was my own (but that I’d only caught glimpses of while working with Grandmother Ayahuasca in the beginning of the year) tell me exactly, in no uncertain terms, what I wanted to know regarding the emotional root cause of the symptoms I was having. Was this Grandmother Aya, speaking to me, or simply MY voice that she supported me in hearing? I am guided to believe the latter. 

Equipped with a deeper understanding of how to simply relax, listen, and allow my body’s wisdom to lead the way, I had a very powerful Nature Solo (and my gums healed up quickly, too).

Before going out to my site to be in solitude, I quickly learned through ceremony with my fellow Nature Soloers and our Shamanic facilitators, that although there would be no human contact, I would be surrounded and supported by all of Nature, and all of Life, including the spirits of the land, the plants, the insects, the animals, and the ancestors. I was also supported by the shaman facilitators and my solo peers through their daily prayers. I was never alone.

Three whole days and nights in the forest with no distractions—no books, no electronics, no journal, no camera, no fire, and even no food. I wasn’t sure if I could do that, but it was totally doable, and an amazing, life-affirming experience. I was afraid that I would be miserable without food, but the absence of food left me highly receptive and sensitive to the messages and guidance of Spirit and my Body.

My healing/forgiveness work was incredibly heightened, and ultimately, I was overwhelmed by the recognition of grace in and AS my Life. I was able to See clearly, every experience and person in my life–even the traumatic ones–as beautiful and a perfect part of my personal Life curriculum. My appreciation for my loved ones was amplified to a degree that had me overflowing with Love and streaming tears of gratitude. My trust in the benevolence of Life was profoundly deepened.

That being said, I See that while my trust in Life was deepened by that experience, I still have some unraveling to do. The mistrust in the benevolence of Life is inherent to the human experience.

Have you noticed this in your experience, too? How has it and does it hold you back from being who you are here to be and realizing your fullest potential?

Not all of us consciously choose to let go of this mistrust and to lean into the Beauty that is always wanting to express through and AS us. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have and to cultivate this awareness.

If you have the opportunity to do so, take it. It’s what you’re here for.

I am grateful to the unseen forces that have supported me in the awareness of my True, Loving nature. I am grateful to have the opportunity to cultivate and to share this awareness with others. I am grateful that I get to hold space for my clients and loved ones to realize their own True, Loving nature, which facilitates greater understanding and deep and lasting healing on all levels.

I am grateful to my body for showing me the Way, through its messaging via symptoms and illness; and I am also grateful for the gentler, sweeter ways that it talks to me when I am willing to slow down and simply tune in. 

My time in the forest this summer taught me that Nature is alive and talking to us at all times, and that we are all a part of Nature itself.

There is no separation between us and Nature; therefore, we have access to all of its wisdom in any given moment. Our point of access is our physical Body, and being in Nature without distraction, allows us to drop into the internal, vast space of the Body with ease. So much is waiting to be Seen….

Has the forest been calling you this Summer? It’s not too late to heed the call. You can always turn to Nature to connect more deeply with your Body’s wisdom and guidance around:

  • what to do next
  • whether to say yes or no
  • whether to take that job or not
  • whether to go on that date or not
  • whether to eat that food or have that drink or not
  • whether to keep surfing the web or just go to bed
  • how to be the most loving parent or partner in the moment
  • what to do about the symptoms you’ve been having and what they even mean

All of the answers are here for you, if you will just be still enough to hear them. Connect with nature regularly, and you will find that even when you are not in the forest or outside, you will have a much a clearer connection to your Wisdom, to your Essence, and to the guidance of Soul. 

I hope this message serves you deeply. 

For those of you want to connect more and who are on an intentional healing journey—emotional, spiritual, physical, and all of the above (it’s all connected), my new private Facebook group, Enlightened Wellness, is a social learning group can be of deep service to you.

Request to join here. 

Monday, August 26, at 7 pm Mountain, I am leading our second Live Deep Dive via Zoom, called “Mapping My Healing Journey from Autoimmunity & More.”

I will be mapping my healing journey with Granuloma Annulare, an “autoimmune” (I’m beginning to question the whole idea of the body being confused in any way) skin disease that came on suddenly for me after a routine, mandatory TB skin test for the hospital I was employed by at the time as a Clinical Nutritionist in Pediatric Nephrology. I knew this was an autoimmune reaction; I knew I would only be offered steroids (and I was right); but I had seen the ravaging effects of this class of drugs in my young patients, and I was adamant about finding another way—a way that would leave me healthier in the process, not sicker.

Along the way, other health issues have popped up and it’s all been related. We’ll look at these, too, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, Irritable Bowel, eczema, chronic pain, TMJ, dental caries, gum inflammation, GERD/gastritis, h. Pylori infection, fluctuating weight, and more.

One thing has remained constant throughout my process: Me. All of my healing, my progress, and everything I’ve learned about mySelf along this path rests upon my willingness to explore and to be my own medicine. Sure, I’ve had amazing support, but only because I’ve allowed it and attracted the right people at the right times who could offer it. 

In this next Live Deep Dive, I will be presenting my personal case, using the same method of systems-based mapping that I use for my functional nutrition clients, called the Functional Nutrition Matrix. This way of organizing symptoms, personal history, emotional /spiritual state, and lifestyle choices helps to create a clearer understanding of the core imbalances that are being reflected by a person’s current state of health.

When we understand Nutritional, Physiological, Lifestyle, & Emotional /Spiritual root causes, only then can we create an individualized plan of action that will actually help. 

I know that presenting my journey in this way will offer great insight into how you can clear up a lot of confusion on your own healing path, because it’s absolutely essential to me in my practice as a functional nutritionist. It’s what helps me to see the whole picture and support my clients in healing their whole Selves.

This event will be hosted via Zoom, so that we can interact with more ease. I want to be able to answer your questions, see your faces (if you’re up for that—otherwise, you can turn your camera off or just dial in), and share my screen.

Zoom login info will be posted in the private Facebook group only, so if you’d like to attend, please request to join the group.  I hope to See you inside!

Big Love & Blessings, and Happy Healing.

Photo Credit: Meghan Martinez
Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

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