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I am SO excited about “Transforming Gut Health & Your Whole Self”, a LIVE 2-hour workshop that I’m teaching in Albuquerque, NM, on March 31st, at the University of New Mexico’s Center for Life. Info and registration can be found HERE

I firmly believe that the world needs more people who can lovingly and skillfully hold space for others to raise their consciousness.There can be seen, felt and heard, a deep cry for healing that is rippling throughout our country, our planet, our Universe. We see it in the sharp increase in chronic diseases like autoimmunity, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, Type 2 Diabetes, digestive illness, “ADHD”, etc. We see it in natural disasters, warming oceans, habitat destruction, bee colony collapses, mass shootings, and sky-rocketing rates of depression, self-harm, and suicide among our youth.

As my Transformative Coach and mentor, Joshua Benavides, founder of the Transformative Coach Institute said in a recent post,

“When I look at the state of the people around me and on social media…

I see a world that is crying for love, for healing, for change and for relief.

I see a world that is yearning for genuine love and peace.

And I see a world that is frustrated because it’s not finding that love or peace in the ways that they were told they could find it.

The reason we are not finding real love and peace – the love and peace that heals, that fulfills, that transforms, that elevates everything – is because we are operating from the erroneous belief that we can get it from the outside-in.

But you can’t find something outside of yourself that can only come from within.

How can I give you real, unconditional love if I am in a state of inadequacy, fear and lack?

How can I give you real, unconditional love and acceptance if I have self-judgement, guilt or shame?

You simply can’t give away what you don’t have.

People are hungry for real change, for genuine transformation.

But as long as that change is founded on the mistaken assumption that the better we make the world outside the better we’ll feel inside, we’re cooked! 

It’s really quite simple:

The World is made up of Countries.

Countries are made up of States.

States are made up of Cities.

Cities are made up of Communities.

And Communities are made up of Individuals.

The world cannot heal if individuals do not take it upon themselves to heal.

The world cannot be an expression of love and peace if the one’s creating it are coming from fear and anger.

Bottom line:

As is the individual, so goes the world.

This is why Gandhi urged humanity to

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.””

I was one of the initial beta group to go through the Transformative Coach Institute last year, and my life has shifted radically for the better, both professionally and personally. Going in, I was confused about how to show up as a heart-centered Functional Nutritionist (AND Transformative Coach–I was already certified through a different school) and honestly, having a lot of trouble both giving and receiving love fully in my intimate relationships with loved ones and with myself.

From the get-go, Joshua told us:

“This isn’t like other trainings that gives you a bunch of techniques and methods you can use to change others while overlooking yourself. Most of this training will be focused on YOU and your own awakening, healing and transformation…because you can only help others go as far in their own healing, awakeining and transformation as you have gone yourself.”

Each of us who went through the program experienced profound healing and transformation.

We woke up to the inside-out nature of our reality.

We woke up to our INNATE wholeness, happiness and well-being.

We realized that we, and all of us, have more going for us than we can imagine.

And from this unfolding transformation and awakening, many of us are now actively working with our clients in our individual capacities (for me, it’s working with women with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions as both a Functional Nutritionist AND Transformative Coach) and creating a transformative and HEALING  ripple effect – one conversation at a time!

The school’s mission is BIG: to raise the level of consciousness and well-being through individual awakening and transformation.

I’m now doing this as a health care professional to facilitate amazing healing transformations, but there are limitless possibilities as far as how a Transformative Coach can show up in the world and be of service.

Scroll down to see Leah’s testimonial and understand the impact of Transformative Coaching from a client’s perspective. Leah came to me with fatigue, high stress and anxiety, a weakened immune system, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, elevated thyroid antibodies, and more. Read about her transformation and our work together, below. 

What we  (I say we, because I am a private coach for TCI students) are tapping into at TCI is none other than the Magnificence, Love-Intelligence that exists within all human-beings (yes, even the one’s with the really rough exterior).

Because what the world needs NOW is Individuals who have become living embodiments and expressions of love, clarity, creativity and well-being.

And if you’re feeling called to engage in a transformative inner process while being part of a community that offers love and friendship, we’d love for you to join us!

Take some time today to learn more about the school by visiting:

There, you’ll find a beautiful 43-page Curriculum Guide that’s also available for download on the site and gives the full-scoop on TCI, what we offer and so much more.

Watch this short video to understand more about what the TCI way of transformative coaching is actually all about.

Two things you should know…

#1 – In celebration of the launch of TCI: Transformative Coach Institute, on offer is a $1000 discount off the cost of tuition to everyone that enrolls in March 2018! (yay!)

#2 – And to make this even more awesome for you – Joshua has added one more bonus that I’m personally thrilled about, because his is an AMAZING Transformative Coach…

All students that enroll in March will also receive TWO private coaching/mentoring sessions with Joshua to support your over-all growth, transformation, development and unfoldment as a powerful coach (and that’s on top of your monthly private coaching sessions with your TCI coach that’s included with your tuition!)

This special discount and bonus expire on March 31st.

So if you’re considering the program to be trained and certified in the art and science of deep, soulful Transformative Coaching…

Submit your application today!

Or learn more about the training by visiting:


Big Love and Blessings,


Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD
Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Transformative Coach
Enlightened Wellness

Gourmet Healer, LLC

Leah’s Testimonial

“Angie offers a unique approach. Through a thorough and comprehensive diagnostic process, we developed a treatment plan that worked in collaboration with my health care team. Using diet modifications, supplementation, individualized protocols, education and mentoring, Angie has taught me a new way of caring for myself.

What really sets Angie apart is her dual role as a Registered Dietitian and Transformative Coach. Perhaps one of the key aspects of treating chronic conditions is to address the underlying behaviors, patterns, and beliefs surrounding them. Angie has skillfully guided me through this process allowing me to realign with what truly sustains, motivates, and energizes me.

I first sought out Angie’s services because I was getting chronically sick and wasn’t able to “bounce back” the way I was used to. I was exhausted all the time and having a hard time finding answers. I really felt like I was losing my sense of self along with my well being.

The comparison to where I was a year ago is remarkable. I’m not getting sick all the time, my energy is back, my GI symptoms have significantly improved, my skin is clearing up, my hair has stopped falling out. I’m much happier to not be constantly acting from a place of fear.

I call Angie my “spiritual chiropractor” she always has a way of bringing me back into alignment, and that feels amazing. Her support is unwavering and her guidance is genuine. The process can be a roller coaster, but I am grateful to have Angie by my side.

Overall, I find  the experience to be….
Empowering! Like anything requiring change, it can be challenging but it is also a journey of great exploration.

I attribute getting my energy back in large to the Transformative Coaching. It is incredible the physiological effects thoughts have on our body. Through learning to let go of what is not serving me, and realign with my true intentions, I have found a limitless source of energy that has revitalized all aspects of my life.

The way you learn to care for your entire being (body, mind, spirit) is an investment that will hold countless benefits for years to come. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

My symptoms have been demystified. I am now able to better interpret what my body needs and what causes harm, and with that knowledge I am able to make better choices.
Deepest gratitude, thank you Angie!”
Leah, Speech Language Pathologist, Albuquerque, NM