Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

September 16th, 2019 by admin

Who would you be without your story?

If you are not having the experience of Life you’d like to be having; if you can’t shake the feeling that there has to be more to Life; if you have habits and patterns that feel impossible to break through;

I invite you to inquire…

What is my story, and how is it shaping my experience and my world? Here are some examples:

  • She doesn’t listen to me.
  • She doesn’t care about me.
  • I am all alone in this.
  • It’s up to me to figure this out.
  • I have to stay in this job, relationship, etc.
  • No one else will ever love me the way he/she does.
  • My body is a wreck.
  • I’ll never heal.
  • I’ll never find Love.
  • Something is wrong with me.
  • When it is going to be my turn to enjoy Life?
  • Success happens for others, but not for me.
  • I don’t know enough/I’m not credentialed enough/I’m not connected enough/I don’t have enough money to materialize my dream.
  • Something always goes wrong.
  • I struggle with money.
  • I struggle with romantic relationships.
  • I’ve always been unhappy, and I’ll always be unhappy. Life is against me. I never catch a break.
  • I will always be sick.
  • Life is draining.
  • I can’t change unless things and people around me change.
  • The world is full of atrocities.
  • Loss is inevitable, and it is soul shattering.

Any of these stories sound familiar? They’re pretty universal, so I’m betting that at least one of these stories is a story you’ve told yourself at least once–but likely many, many more times than that. 😉

The problem with these stories is, they are all assumptions. They are not actually rooted in fact. Each one is a perspective that does not represent the full spectrum of possibilities that actually exist. When we are believing these and other limited stories, we feel as though there are no other options. The story feels permanent and it is viscerally real, thanks to our evolved brain and intricate nervous system, which allows us to run virtual simulations of any line of thinking we fully believe and identify with in the moment.

These simulations are almost always run unconsciously. 

Sometimes we catch a break, and we are blessed with a moment of clarity, such as  when we step into a hot shower, or when we finally give up trying to figure things out and step outside into the fresh air. Our thinking shifts away from the limited story line, and voila–the virtual reality headset comes off, and we see what is actually here right now in the present moment, and what has actually been here the whole time.

Another option(s) becomes visible now. This interruption of the limited story, whether we realize it or not,  is the very thing that always precipitates the break through of a new idea/solution. All of a sudden, we see what is actually happening and what is actually possible, versus what we had been dreaming was happening and was possible. 

These stories that we hold to be true come from past experiences and from our limited, programmed interpretations of ourselves.

Becoming conscious of the story, AS simply a story and nothing more, is the key. 

Your feelings will always let you know what kind of thought/story you are believing. If you feel authentically empowered and affirmed, you are believing something that is actually true about yourself and the world.

When you are feeling disempowered, hopeless, frustrated, anxious, annoyed, unloved, disconnected, etc., you are unconsciously believing a deeply rooted limited story about yourself.

I invite you to inquire into your own experience.

Recall the last time you were upset, and find the story/thought that was on replay. The examples above may be helpful.

Once you have it, ask yourself:

Is it 100% verifiably true? 

Now, regardless of your answer, ask yourself the following and record your answers: 

How do I react when I believe this thought/story?

  • How do I feel?
  • What emotions arise?
  • Where does the energy and sensation collect in my body?
  • How do I  show up in my intimate and work relationships?
  • How do I show up to the mirror; to my plate; to my job; in the checkout line; on the road; with my finances; with my body?
  • How does my body react/what does it reflect when I believe this thought?

What are you creating with that limited story, and what would you rather create? How would you rather feel? Write it down. 

In order to feel how you would rather feel, you’ll have to change what you believe about yourself and the world.

You’ll have to let go of the old stories you’ve been superimposing onto reality.

You’ll have to begin seeing things/people/circumstances as they really are, minus your thoughts about them.

You’ll need a shift in perspective in order to create something new, because as Einstein pointed out, a problem cannot be solved from the paradigm within which it was created. 

You see, perspective really is everything. 

You are (and I am ) a powerful creator. As a spiritual being, having a human experience, you are here to wake up to your full creative capacity. You are here to discover that your experience is created from the inside-out, and that you are weaving your storyline (and your experience of Life) solely with your belief in what is and is not possible. The Universe/Life responds to and reflects the signals that you are emanating. The frequency of these signals depends upon your level of consciousness–how you are viewing yourself and the world.

So, who would you be without your current limited story about yourself and the world?

What if it were impossible for you to believe any limited thought?

What if you could only believe what is true about you?

What if you could only believe that you are connected to, and are an integral part of, the energy that creates worlds; that you are Love Itself, and therefore, Love can never be given to you, nor taken away from you; that there is nothing to seek and nothing to run away from, because it’s all beautiful and perfect, and you are safe, regardless of how things appear. 

What would your life be like if this was your level of consciousness?

How would it FEEL to LIVE IN this space of infinite potential and deep trust in Life?

Since you are capable of simulating within your mind, any experience you desire, just for now, I invite you to let go of any and all resistance you have to utter and complete wellbeing, and to simulate HOW IT FEELS, RIGHT NOW.

You may not be accustomed to this kind of visualization, but you are capable, so go ahead and take this new awareness of infinite potential for a spin.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Notice how it feels to be living your best life, NOW. Notice the images and sensations that arise.  Write them down. 

It’s not common for people to just simply wake up one day and only see the Truth, although it can and does happen.

Most of us will need to practice consciously choosing to tune into our emotions and our bodies, and notice when we are believing a limited story.

From there, we’ll need to consciously choose to bring ourselves back to present moment awareness many, many times over.

We’ll be best served to commit to being infinitely patient with ourselves as we cultivate this new awareness of Life’s and our own perfection, as we simultaneously work to shed the old stories that have been obscuring our vision of our limitless potential for happiness, healing, energy, Love, peace, joy, beauty, bliss, etc., on offer in every moment.

Your vision of what is possible without your current limited stories, IS possible, because anything you believe fully, Life must and does reflect. 

Shifting your perception of yourself and of Life is all that is needed.

As the wisdom text, A Course in Miracles, states, “Only perception needs salvation.” 

If you would like to experience first hand, what it would be like to explore and embody the depths and dimensions of Life without your limiting story, I invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call with me.

In this call, we’ll tune into what it is you want to create in your Life, and what stories are in the way. We’ll inquire into the particular story that is running for you. We’ll question it, and we’ll put it into perspective, so that you can see what you haven’t been seeing *about* the way that you’ve been seeing. I will hold the space for you to bring your lens back into focus, so that you are seeing clearly, versus seeing Life and your relations through a distorted lens.

If you have a powerful experience, and you’d like to explore the possibility of working together, we can certainly do so. 

Now, I do want to be clear…

This call is only for people who have a deep desire to explore and embody a whole new level of existence, AND who are serious about working with someone you can deeply trust, to cultivate the awareness that this new, magnificent, authentically powerful level of existence, requires.

And so…serious inquiries only, please. Thank you. 

Here is the link to schedule a 90-minute free Enlightened Wellness Clarity Call. 

I hope today’s inquiry serves you deeply. If you’d like to explore more on your own, the style of inquiry I drew from today is based on, The Work of Byron Katie. I encourage you to explore The Work on You Tube or by visiting www.thework.com. There, you will also find publications and resources on The Work. Of course, we can explore this and more together, as well.

Big Love and Blessings,

Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD
Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach
Functional Medicine Nutritionist
Enlightened Wellness
Gourmet Healer, LLC