Why Diet & Lifestyle Changes Will Never Be Enough

August 3rd, 2020 by admin

Hello, Beautiful Soul. It is very apparent to me that now more than ever, we need to be choosing the messaging we receive very carefully. Every day, more and more of us are feeling guided to put empowered messaging out there–to be a part of the solution.

One GREAT reason to stay on social media is that you get to choose the messaging that empowers you and let the rest go.

Our best move right now as a society and as individuals is to become healthier and to build resilience.

It’s not about more pharmaceuticals (although these can be helpful acutely), more vaccines, more disconnection, more “healthy” packaged foods, and more chemical-laden sanitization.

My journey as a health & nutrition practitioner led me into the understanding, through observation, that health is created in the mind; and that health, or the lack thereof, is the direct result of how we process energy through our beliefs, and ultimately, the thoughts and stories we identify with and AS, either consciously or unconsciously.

Most of us are unconsciously identifying with inherited disempowered thoughts and narratives, and this is what leads to us making choices that then lead to the unconscious creation of poor health, dis-ease, and lack of resilience, not to mention broken relationships and all forms of suffering.

The solution, therefore, is to embark upon the Work of becoming self-aware in our moment to moment experience, and severing our agreements and identifications with disempowered programmed narratives.

The more clearly we See ourselves and the world, the less we engage in unhealthy patterning–in our relationship to Self, Body-Mind, Food, Nature, and Others. As we come into Right-Seeing within our own hearts and minds, we come into Right Relationship to All Life.

As this process unfolds, we heal.

The body reflects the state of mind.

My passion for healing through deepening self-awareness and Seeing and working WITH the Body-Mind and all aspects of experience–thought/memory, emotions, sensations, symptoms, conditions–as allies, rather than fighting against it all (as we ALL habitually and unconsciously tend to do), has evolved me into a practitioner of Transformative Coaching, Energy Medicine, and Shamanic Healing, in addition to and integrated into the role of Functional Nutritionist.

As I have learned more about the basic tenets of shamanism, I’ve realized that although I am new to the path as a student, I am already applying the principles in my work with clients.

I was on the path of shamanism long before I knew that I was, because the foundation of shamanism (and energy healing + all forms of true healing) is Consciousness.

The ancient Maya predicted long ago that the period we are living in now, this year in fact, is when science and shamanism would marry. I see this happening in my own practice and that of many colleagues. Many more colleagues than ever before. We are marrying our scientific backgrounds and understanding of how to build health and resilience on the physical level, with our gifts in addressing the emotional/spiritual/energetic needs of the individual. 

Practitioners on the shamanic path journey into voluntary altered states of consciousness, into the quantum field (which we all have access to), to support healing. Almost always, physical healing that occurs as a result of shamanic healing, is the effect of the changes that have been supported at the sub-conscious and energetic levels. In my work as a Transformative Spiritual Coach, I journey WITH my clients into the quantum field to access new perspectives and realities.

Shamanism is ultimately about moving and directing energy, through consciousness. 

It has taken years for me to step into this approach as fully as I have of late, as I’ve had my own Inner Work to do around who I am here to be and allowing that fully. I understand that I still have so much more development ahead of me, which is incredibly exciting. 

When I first began transitioning into this new way of Being and supporting healing, many people still came to me wanting only to address the physical aspect of healing, not understanding that physical healing and making informed and sovereign choices that bolster physical heath is actually the EFFECT of emotional/spiritual/energetic healing.I no longer take clients who are not already at this level of understanding or who understand but are in resistance to the deeper Work that wants to happen.

I have seen it happen so many times where people force themselves to do a big diet overhaul and rigorous supplement and lifestyle protocol, and have dramatic results.

The problem is, it’s not sustainable, because those unconscious limited beliefs–the frightened aspects of our personality–are still pulling all of the strings behind the scenes.

So these days, in addition to Transformative Coaching and energy/shamanic healing, I still practice functional nutrition, but only with people who are willing to prioritize the Work of expanding consciousness; only with Heart Warriors, who are willing to have transformative space held for them to See what they haven’t been Seeing in their experience; who are willing to be with and welcome the frightened aspects and the demons of the personality (shadow work); and who are willing to work WITH the Body-Mind as their greatest ally in consciousness.

It works out really well, because not only is there physical healing, but healing and expansion in all areas of ones life experience.

When you start setting healthy boundaries in your own mind–becoming aware of what you are (awareness) and what you are not (thoughts/memory replaying)–you become empowered to set boundaries in all areas of your life. You become sensitized to the “aligned/not aligned” cues of the Body-Mind in your relationship with Self, food, your partner, your children, your community, Nature, healthcare, media, government, etc.

You become sovereign and empowered in all of your choices, rather than driven by fear of the future or shame about the past. You become the conscious creator of your own reality, regardless of what others are experiencing or what’s going on in the world.

And this is the opportunity of the times.

We are being called to heal our world from the inside-out.

COVID-19 has shown us where our relationship to ourselves, our bodies, our families, our communities, our food, Nature/Earth, All Life/Spirit, are out of balance. Restoring the balance and coming back into Right Relationship in all ways starts with our relationship to Self.

And our relationship to Self is all about how we are identifying–as limited fear- and separation-based thoughts, or as Love/Spirit.

Not everyone is ready for this kind of Work, even many who identify as “spiritual.” That’s ok. Everyone is on their own perfect timing.

Integrating basic diet and lifestyle changes into one’s Work, is very helpful. In my experience, making dietary change is the gateway to Self-Realization and personal sovereignty (same things). For many, higher level dietary change comes later, once a more empowered and self-aware state has been achieved.

It’s all perfect. It’s all allowed. And…it’s all offered here.

If you are ready to do the Body-Mind-Spirit Work of expanding consciousness and learning to process and consciously direct energy throughout the Body-Mind and throughout all areas of your Life, I invite you to schedule a free Clarity Call with me, so that we may explore our fit. Scroll down for the link. 

I hope this message serves you deeply.

I am sending you so much Love and Seeing you in your absolute wholeness and perfection (which no lower vibrational thought forms, illnesses, patterns, or relationships can remain attached to). 

If you’d like to learn more about shamanism and how it can serve you your health and wellbeing, I have some good reading for you below.

Here’s to LIFE beyond the status quo. 

Loving YOU,
Angie Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD
Transformative Life & Spiritual Coach | Holistic Nutritionist | Ceremonialist
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