Why Getting Sick Is Good Medicine

March 4th, 2021 by admin

Hello, Beautiful One. I hope you are having and creating a beautiful week for yourself, regardless of circumstances. 

EVEN IF you or a loved one are struggling with an acute or chronic illness.  

Most people dread getting sick. It’s not pretty. It’s not fun. It’s downright despicable and degrading. And, you could die…

 …but if done consciously, it can be a potent portal of transformation.

As with many indigenous traditional ways, the traditional Cherokee understand sickness to be a purifying experience intended to return us to our path of destiny and of spirit. 

As much as I LOVE helping people get their lives and vitality back as a healer, I also deeply appreciate and honor the transformative nature of illness.  

I’m currently re-reading one of my favorite books of all time, The Alchemy of Illness, by Kat Duff, and it has me reflecting on just how pivotal illness has been for me at times; 

…how it has changed me as a person and allowed me to See Life more clearly, to become more present, to listen to and trust my body more intently, and to rely on and trust Spirit more fully.  

I like to think that almost dying of spinal meningitis as a baby, and coming out of that unscathed, which I mostly attribute to the prayers of my grandmothers… 

…and nearly dying after living for 3 months with a ruptured appendix as an adolescent, and coming out of that with all of my GI tract in-tact–which I also now can only attribute to the power of prayer–as initiatory experiences.  

I became more resilient, more empathic, more intuitive, more aware of my Spiritual nature, and more in touch with what matters most in life.   

I was always the child inclined toward deep conversations and who was sensitive to energy (although I didn’t understand it as energy), and for the most part, perfectly alright to be by myself in quiet reflection. I often reflected on why people are the way that they are. My school friends gravitated toward me as someone who they could share their feelings with and come to for advice or a dose of positivity.  

This is not to say that I was easy to raise…I had lots of shadow come up as a teenager and beyond. I did not sign up for an easy time in the earlier part of my life. 

I came here to transcend and heal A LOT, so that I could ultimately ENJOY this gift of life and become a living permission slip and way shower for others to do the same. 

Perhaps you did, too?  

I’ve been blessed many times over to have the privilege to hold space for clients and family members struggling with acute, chronic, and “terminal” illnesses, or going through a dark night of the soul. 

To be allowed into these most uncomfortable, shadowy, and vulnerable spaces with all of these loved ones is a privilege that I hold very sacred.

And to get to support clients and loved ones who are receptive, in Seeing illness and dark nights of the soul as an opportunity for inner alchemy and enlightenment, and then to witness the powerful physical, emotional, and energetic shifts that happen from there, is the blessing of a lifetime.  

I just don’t know if I would have the empathy or the level of awareness, much less the desire or courage, to sit in these sacred, shadowy, liminal spaces with people, if I hadn’t gone through the rites of passage brought about by severe illness and closeness to death in the first three decades of my life.  

I have such a great reverence for the transformative nature of the sickbed, and for the body-mind, as our greatest ally in consciousness. 

I realize that my view of death and illness is not a popular viewpoint. It can be misconstrued as reckless, out of touch, or lacking compassion, by those whose lens is fogged with fear and the illusion of separation from Spirit, but I know better and am no longer distracted by the opinions of others who are not seeing clearly. 

That said, just to be clear, in no way am I suggesting that we be careless about prevention and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, by sharing what I am sharing here.

My view is this: 

Illness is a natural and necessary part of life. It is an alchemical process.

Should we survive it, it invites us to live freely and joyously.

Should we find that we will not survive it, it offers us the opportunity to die consciously. 

Illness strips us of our will to fit in and stay distracted.

It takes us on a journey into the mythic realm of the underworld. 

It makes conscious what is unconscious, makes us receptive to and forces us to be with, rather than repress any longer, the fears and limited stories on loop in the subconscious that contaminate our day to day, moment to moment experience, which restrict the flow of Love in and as our lives. 

Many of you who read my posts are also healers… 

…So I want to point out that it is very important that we as healers, work to transcend fear of illness and death for ourselves and those we serve, and come to appreciate and welcome these often dreaded companions as the agents of growth and transformation that they truly are.  

Only then, will our clients and patients feel safe and empowered to CHOOSE to GROW through illness and the approach of or witnessing of death. 

To let go of our resistance to illness and death, and to instead, intend to work WITH them and WELCOME them as allies, that bring about purification, transformation, wisdom, and MORE LIFE, is to be fully empowered as a human; and if we are called to it, as a healers and Way Showers. 

I hope this message serves you deeply in just the way you need it to today.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Alchemy of Illness to sit with:  

“Alchemists began the Great Work of spiritual transformation with what they called the prima materia, the basic matter or problem. In their efforts to make gold, they did not start with refined or precious metals, such as silver or copper, but with the most common, base, and ugly of metals: lead. In psychological terms, this means the work of spiritual transformation springs from the places we feel most inferior or debased. Alchemists outlined four qualities that can help us to find and identify this ever-so-promising matter: 1.) It is ordinary and found everywhere; 2.) people are often revolted by it; 3.) it has many names and faces but only one essence; 4.) it is boundless, consuming, and overwhelming. In summary, prima materia is that which is everywhere, unavoidable, despicable, and out of control in our lives: the diseases of our bodies and souls. Is it any wonder that many Renaissance physicians were also alchemists?” 

Loving ALL of YOU. 

P.S.—I have a new offering called Heart Warrior Intensive for Healers. It’s a sacred container for healers to do their alchemical shadow work in a very potent, intentional, and individualized way, so they can transform fully and unapologetically into the powerful healing presence they came here to be, through the portal of their own supported alchemical healing process. 

Angie King-Nosseir MS, RDN, LD

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